Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sassy Six-Year-Old

Another birthday is upon us! And although I'd like to make yet another birthday all about me and how much I'm growing up as a momma, I think I should steer this blogpost to a more appropriate subject...


This beautiful, sassy, smart, silly, full of giggles and wiggles little girl is turning six this week.

She takes amazing pictures and loves to find the pretty things around her.

She's adventurous and is willing to take some risks,
as long as she has a firm grip on a loving hand. Then, after a few tries....she's off!

She's a reader. I can't wait to see how her imagination will be
bolstered by the way she swallows books whole.

She's silly, even wild at times. Her giggles get away from her
and there's no turning back until the hiccups arrive.

This girl loves her desserts. I'd like to say I have no idea where she got this from, but it's just so obvious. Give her chocolate and you have made a friend for life.

One thing is for sure, Ellie loves her brothers. They might tease her and do what all boys do to make girls crazy, but she loves them. She longs for their hugs and tackles. A cuddle on the couch, a goofy smile or a helping hand are all it takes for these three to come together like a little team. And if it were up to her, she'd be the team captain. every. time.

Happy birthday, my dear girl. You amaze us everyday with your imagination,
your love and your silly spirit. What a year it will be!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Morning Musing

(After so many noisy storms, our kids are just tired of them now.)

One by one this morning they came,
Trembling chins from the thundering rain.

"Come on in, and snuggle tight,
Everything will be all right."

The noises that made you wake so fast,
Will move on through...they won't last.

A snuggle turned into giggles,
Giggles into wiggles.

And although the storm continue to roar,
We all felt better and didn't think of it anymore.


It's amazing how a mother's look, smile, kiss or touch,
Can change a child's perspective so much.