Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking for the bright side

In a bit of writing therapy, I'm hoping to write out a bunch of things that are bringing this family down and hope that they will then magically disappear. Also that maybe I can also see a few positives in all this mess.

My knee is in serious need of attention. An MRI tomorrow will hopefully shed some light on how old my knee thinks I am and what to do next. For now, just call me "step-and-a-half." The most frustrating thing is that I'm having a hard time making plans because I just don't know how much the ol' bod will take here. Or how much it will take back!

We have all succumb to a couple of nasty springtime colds. Ellie has taken the brunt of it. Poor dear was up often last night just trying to ignore her ear pain long enough to drift off into some fitful sleep. My mommy's heart was hurting because it's been awhile since one of my little partygoers really needed some serious TLC. But we muddled through and went to our fourth (yes f-o-u-r-t-h) doc's appointment in a week to confirm the reality we already knew. Whopper ear infection.

Which brings me to our personal attempt to keep our docs in business. Ellie was there a week ago with a sudden fever and suspected strep. No strep, just the beginning of this doosy of a cold. Owen went on Thursday for his two-year well baby appointment and they generously agreed to look at my knee while I was there. I figured my part of the appointment to be the more hefty one until the doc came back and said that Owen was also needing a trip to the hospital radiology department for an echocardiogram on his heart. Apparently, he has a heart murmur which hasn't presented previously, so they like to check it out with further tests. NOT what I was expecting. I'm not terribly worried at this point, but it's the unexpected that's got me going and I'm glad they can get both of our tests done tomorrow. Sooner is definitely better than later for me when it comes to gettin' some answers.

My beloved Hubs has not been immune to the cold bugs and is also fighting a pretty decent cold with all he's got. So on top of doing all the legwork that is harder for me to do right now, he's battling to see the forest through the fog. Bless. His. Heart.

So....The Bright Side??

We have doctors who can take care of us.

At least it's not both of my knees. (then I'd be "no-step")

We're on Spring Break this week, which means, no missed school, sub plans or working around schools schedules.

Josh is fighting a small cold, but still has enough energy to power a small city. Man, how do they keep him busy at school? (thank goodness for baseball practice tonight!)

Owen is Owen. I thought it would be a good time to start taking away his pacifier, but hey, someone needs some comfort around here when times get tough, right?

I'm praying. A lot. And not always in petition for our needs, but recognizing with gratefulness the blessings He has given us. A home. Food. Medicine. Family. Sunshine.

Ps. I don't want to post this as a sympathy-getter, but just a bit of therapy and an honest record of our days. Let's hope for brighter ones soon!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'Cause that's just how we roll

This weekend we spent oodles of time celebrating my dearest man, the Hubs.  He turned (an undisclosed amount of years), but let's just say that it'll be about 2 years before he's over the hill.  It was quite busy getting together with family all weekend, but apparently we here at the Party house like to party.  A lot.  Often.  All in one weekend.  

Of course, doing that kinda partyin' is just asking for something to go awry.  Fast forward to about 5 pm on Saturday.  The dear Hubs had dropped Josh off at a friend's bowling party and was on an errand to pick up a few essential dessert items I had forgotten to get for our next party on Sunday with my family.  I had the other two dear children at church with me for our dinner before Bible study.  

Enter calamity.  

Ellie had an accident in the church's bathroom  and I have no change of clothes for her.  Ugg.  I cry out for help in a quick call to the Hubs.  

Enter odd timing.  

The Hubs is at the local discount grocery store picking up whipped cream in a can, and a bottle of wine that caught his fancy.  So as he is checking out, I call, asking desperately for him to pick up some pants and underwear.  

Enter loud cell phone conversation.  

"So you need underwear?"  (said loudly on the phone, in front of the cashier)...

While checking out with whipped cream in a can. And a bottle of wine.

Underwear+whipped cream+wine= odd look from cashier.

'Cause that's just how we roll.

Monday, March 09, 2009

A Man of Action

This kid makes me laugh. Owen is almost two years old!! His birthday is a month away, but I'm already tearing up. It's been amazing to see him grow so fast in the last few months. He's been talking for quite a while now, and I can't even remember what it was like before he could use words! Owen has discovered that he can now tell us something that he's seen out the window of the car or in the aisle of a grocery store. Wow, the beginnings of real conversation. Of course, that's if you can keep him still for any length of time. He's a ball of energy and I'm imagining many active days outdoors this spring and summer. (yeah!) He loves to make people laugh and has also found out how to "make an entrance." This usually means entering a room with a big "Hel-lo!" Just this week the kids put on a little show to celebrate the Hubs' birthday and, of course, he got into the action. After his show (which consisted mostly of super-fast dancing feet and something like yodeling) he stopped. And then, stuck out his belly and yelled, "TA-DA!" What a crackup. One of my Dad's favorite sayings is, "Never a dull moment." Oh. How. True.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring Dirt

Here's to many more dirty hands, sunny skies and
warm days that draw our winter worn souls outside!

ps. We're enjoying it while it lasts. Tomorrow promises to be rainy and cold again.
Ahh, spring in Chicago.

You can never be too careful...

Buckle up, friends!

Have a great weekend!