Thursday, September 25, 2008

My own Milestone

We celebrate our kiddos milestones, so I figured my own such step should be noted.

I sold all my maternity clothes.


Now for my dear friends who are still longing and anticipating more little ones in their homes, do not take this post the wrong way.  And Mom, I know you think that as soon as I get rid of these clothes something will happen, but I am SO glad to get rid of those clothes.  

I actually really liked being pregnant.  There was instant attention and affection doled out wherever you went.  I felt good, ate well, and, for the most part, slept like a log.  I eagerly anticipated wearing maternity clothes to signal to all those who were wondering that "YES!  I am pregnant!"  It brought out stories from loved ones to strangers that told of each maladventure that afflicted them to sweet moments of first kicks to the pains of labor.

But now I'm glad to know that we're done.  Our Party is complete with the three blessings that run our halls and hearts.  A friend once told me that she knew she was done when she held someone else's baby and her didn't cry out for more.  I can totally understand.  It won't keep me from holding and swaying with those little ones; but, I know we're done.

It was odd as I sat and priced the various clothes items to send to the resale.  Different pieces held different memories.  Some I remember wearing and thinking, "I'll only be able to wear this a few times, whew, it's tight,"  or "Oh my goodness, I look like I'm wearing a tent."  I remember what I wore to the baby shower my church threw for us as we anticipated Josh's arrival.  I remembered buying items when I was pregnant with Owen, even through I knew this was the only pregnancy I'd wear them for.  There were even a few that I wished I had in "regular" clothes.  I could see how the styles had changed in the 7+ years between all the pregnancies...from big prints and big shirts to solids and skin tight.

I hope that someone finds good use for these gems.  I sent them to Josh's school resale and I have yet to hear how much actually sold or how much was left over and donated to the official resale store. Either way I suppose they will all go to someone who needs them.  

As with any milestone I seem to always hear a line from Mary Pop.pins go through my head.   It's right before they jump into the sidewalk chalk drawings of that goofy Bert fellow.  

"Now hold hands and ...JUMP!"  

I guess with this milestone I have plenty of hands to hold already.

It's a Je.ep thing...

Riding home from the bus stop the other day I noticed we were following a rather rugged looking Je.ep Wran.gler.  Ever since we owned one of these "off-road is calling you" vehicles, I like to check them out as we see them tooling down the road in our current family van.  (read: me missing Je.ep vehicle that was ours B.C. ~before children~now we have a different kind of adventure in it's replacement).  

I read the sticker that was splayed across the back of the vehicle..."It's a Je.ep thing, you wouldn't understand."  This particular dirty red Je.ep,was "jacked up."  I mean this vehicle had monster tires, and was lifted at least two feet above the normal clearance for any vehicle.  I began to think how cool it was to have one of these trailblazers when I noticed something else.  

The license plate.

It had a handicap symbol on it.

I'll let that sink in.

Setting aside the feelings I already have for those who take advantage of the handicap parking spaces, I began to steam.  Well, maybe there is a good reason for it, I thought.  Maybe they were handicap and then through intense therapy and the Lord's blessing they currently are able to scale small buildings such as this Je.ep in front of me.  Or maybe they give their sweet handicap  grandmother rides so often (you know, by hoisting her through an elaborate pulley system into the passenger side) that they were able to qualify.   

Whatever the reasoning, it gave my mind something to ponder.  I even tried to take a picture with my camera phone, but alas, safe driving prevailed and it was not a success.  

So I guess, in the end, it is a Je.ep thing, and I definitely don't understand.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Perpetual Motion

When I was in junior high (that's what they called it in the ol' days before it was middle school), I had science with Mr. DJ. He was an older man who we loved dearly, mostly because he tried hard to make it a fun class, even though he often was made fun of for his chalked front pant pockets (from writing on a blackboard...remember those?).

The most memorable class for me came when he pulled out an old bike tire with handles on either side of the center of the spokes. He set out one of those tall stools that spins. He asked for a volunteer, and then proceeded to ask the young man (you knew it had to be a guy) to hold the wheel out in front of himself and not keep his feet on the foot rest. Mr. DJ gave that wheel a good spin and asked the boy to tilt it slightly one way. He did. And proceeded to move in the opposite direction that he had tilted the wheel. Mr. DJ asked the boy to tilt it the other way. Slowly, the boy stopped moving in his current direction and soon he was spinning around in the other direction. The whole thing was fascinating to watch, especially because the boy's face began to show the wear of suspending a spinning wheel in the air. What the scientific force Mr. DJ was trying to teach us is actually not part of my memory. (if you're out there, sir, maybe a refresher course?)

This is the picture that came into my head today as I vacuumed the kitchen floor. (oddly, my most interesting blog ideas come while I'm vacuuming.)

I am the poor young man (minus the pimples and oddly proportioned body...whoops, maybe that last one). My days are continually in motion. I am continually in motion. Many days feel as if I am trying to go one way, and an uncontrollable force is pushing me another way. Although I do make a conscience effort to stop my own motion and spend quality time with my kiddos, we're still moving. (oh yeah, we have preschoolers and toddlers) As I muddled through these thoughts and the crumbs on the kitchen floor, I realized...I actually am ok with the motion. I worked through my recent days and the midst of the busyness, there has been many wonderful moments shared with each of my kids, the Hubs and even a few nice moments to myself.

This is life now. Busy, with a healthy side of blessings. The moments of quiet times with myself and the Hubs will come someday. To wish these days away would show an ungrateful spirit to the Lord who gives them to us.

So, bring on the spin. Bring on the motion. I may falter in my ability to hold up the wheel, but that is what faith, friends and family are for.

(Miss you all, dear friends that I haven't spoken to in a while!)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Omnipresent or Church by committee?

On the way to church this morning, Josh asked a great question.

J: "Mom, how does God go to all the churches, if they are all meeting at the same time?"

(insert jaw drop and quick theological search)

Me: "Well, you know how God can hear everyone's prayers all the time, anywhere in the world?  It's kind of like that, but He hears and sees everyone worshipping and praising Him at the same time, too."

J: "Oh,  Ok.  I thought maybe He went to some and then the angels went to the others and came back and told him about it afterwards."

I love that this is what he's thinking about on the way to church.  Of course, I do have to say it was short-lived.  Cars creating huge rooster tail-like splashes through water on the roads totally wins over theology for all boys about his age.

Happy Sunday, friends, I hope you all stayed dry and safe this weekend.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Own Stair "Master"

(Insert Bill.Curtis-esque voice over)

Pictured here in his natural habit, the brave youngest one of the Party has mastered....

the Stairs.

Although this little one had mastered the vertical challenge of this mountain-like adventure long ago, the descent had proven difficult until today. Giggles of glee over his accomplishment can be heard throughout the house, often used as a pseudo-warning for the mother of the Party, who can often be seen running to him to guide the little one down his newfound playground. No longer can the mother of the Party assume he will stop at the top of the stairs. Although this causes concern for the mother, she still takes joy in the fact that this little one has conquered yet another milestone.

"One small step for man...."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-The State of the Driveway

(Because I'm terrible at a true "wordless" anything...let me explain...)

This is what a neighbor girl drew on our driveway yesterday. It is the length of our driveway and seems to have some defining gender parts. Needless to say we will not be hanging out too much with that little one without supervision, and the driveway will be getting a bath. ASAP.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Another one flies the coop

I just dropped off my dear not-so-little-anymore Ellie at preschool. The girl was beyond excited. She hopped in the van with confidence, and clarified that I was going to leave her there at school, and then Owen and I would be going home. When we arrived at her classroom, which, oddly is the same room that Josh had...different teacher, she barely stopped to pose for a picture. You can see her ready to get into the fun in the second shot here.

I didn't get a hug, or even a big goodbye.

As I walked back to the van with just Owen on my hip, I felt surprisingly light and happy. How wonderful to have a confident young lady in our house who is ready to take on new adventures. I can't wait to see her and hear all about her first day.

Go get 'em, girl!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Ellie: Mom, could you close my window? I'm getting cold.

Me: Yes!

(Come, dear Fall, Come!)

Ps. Here is a picture of Ellie that we will be bringing into her new preschool class to add to their board of other cuties starting their adventure into the big ol' world of school!