Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Reading: Lesson in Gender Differences

A difference between boys and girls:

Got back from the library this morning and Ellie absolutely devoured her books. Ahh. I love my little reader.

Josh, on the other hand, had to be convinced to sit and read, but the vulture book he checked out is turned out to be filled with ultra-cool grossness. (Did you know that vultures throw up on other animals to keep them away from their own meal? I'm seeing distinct similarities between them and mealtimes when our kiddos were in the eat-and-puke-it-up stage.)

Owen just thought it was keen to get his very own library card. In true boy fashion, he quickly discovered it could make "tooting" sounds when he held it to his mouth and blew. (no picture for this one, the hilarity that ensued from this was enough to make me forget to snap a memory)

* * * * *

Summer reading should be interesting this season. I'm desperately trying to take my own teacher advice and get the kids reading at least 15 minutes each day. As a bonus, it's been a nice (quiet) way for Owen to be willing to take a nap. When the house is buzzing with only the sounds of pages turning, it's easier for him to lay his active little body down for some much needed shut-eye. I have been thrilled to have my own opportunity to read and catch up on some books that have been shelved for the school year. Currently, a biography on Julia Child has been a fun way for me to get used to reading for fun again. I look forward to trying some of the recommendations from friends who carve out time for book clubs during the school year and other suggestions from various sources.

Ahh. Bring on the reading. Bring on summer!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's gone!

Yep, it's gone.

It held on by a teeny thread as long as it could.

But the power of a sibling who has "been there, done that" prevailed.

Now, we wait for the Tooth Fairy!

Her little tooth will be waiting in this uber-cute tooth pillow made by her Aunt Sarah. Isn't it adorable?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The coolest guy I know.

This man has surprised me. (Not the cute little one with a cheese-mo smile, but the bigger cuter one with a smile that makes me melt. Still.)

Eight years ago this man celebrated his first Father's day. I'm not sure that was on the top of his "cool things I'd like to celebrate" list when he was young. If he doesn't mind me sayin' so. But he's surprised me. And, most likely, himself, too.

He wrestles. He kisses owies. He cuddles. He listens to little ones read. He takes them on adventures...anywhere he goes. Seriously, this man can make a trip to the grocery store with three kids in tow an adventure. He makes them laugh. Hard. I think he's the only one who can get Ellie to giggle so that soon we're all laughing. He builds with them. He teaches them about fishin' and other cool guy stuff. He runs. He plays.

And, he loves me, like no one ever could, which shows them more than a novel could ever tell them about how to love each other.

So, to the man who has grown into an amazing father...I love you and those little ones who look up to you everyday, love you, too!

Happy Father's Day, Dear.