Saturday, June 30, 2007


Child wanting use only the hippest language:

After doing a super-neat trick, I told Ellie I thought what she did was amazing. Her response..."No, Mom, it was COOL."

Child is taking all my money:

Upon seeing some change on the counter, Josh instantly said," Mom can I have some money?....I'll put it in my piggy bank!"

Child playing the sibling blame game:

After a vocal battle over something really "important, " Mom asks siblings to please use nice words when talking to each other. Ellie responds, "He started it."

Child playing one parent against another:

Heard at lunch... Ellie: "Daddy, can I put dip on my chips?" Dad: "No." Ellie: (quickly turning to mom) "Mom, can I put dip on my chips?"

Each of these incidents is a precursor of things to come. I know this because I was there once, using ultra-cool language, trying to get my mom to doll out some cash (using "look I'll be responsible" reasoning), trying to move blame from myself to my brothers (they really ALWAYS started it;), checking with mom after dad said, no. Ah, what goes around really does come around!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Overheard during a 'Love Fest"

In a quiet moment this morning, I had both of the older kids on my lap, cuddling and just being together. As my heart filled with emotion, I thought it might be nice for us to say who we loved, so I started.

I said I loved Josh, Ellie, Owen, Carey and God.

Ellie said she loved herself.

Josh said...."I don't want to do this."


"Because it's too sweet."

Ah...a sensitive soul in my biggest boy, I love it. (or, he had had enough of the estrogen in the room).

My little fish

Owen, because he has not yet learned that his arms belong to him, and he can use them....looks like a fish flopping around on his tummy when he wakes up. Sorry no picture to share...let your mind play this one out!

Safety Town

Josh is a Safety Kid! All this week Josh attended a program through a local club at Safety Town in Naperville. This was the coolest thing! There is a kid-sized town, with real lights, a bridge, railroad tracks and "cars" that they drive using hand bike signals to navigate their way through the streets. It's amazingly organized and a real chance to open the communication with your kids about safety in many areas. Ok, before I sound like an advertisement for this.....

Josh had a great week learning about how to be safe around animals, fire, water, strangers, and even electricity. They met policemen, paramedics ("Mom, did you know you have a battery in your body?), and firemen. They even hooked up a small fire hose to a fire hydrant and let the kids spray!

It ended today with a bit of a graduation with the local policeman giving a little speech about the week and the things the kids learned. He peppered his speech with some funny jokes, too. He chatted about how the kids were a bit skeptical of him at first because most of them had been threatened at one point.."If you misbehave the policeman will take you to jail!"...he made jokes about the kids driving their little cars (see above photo)..."Some asked me where the XM radio was... or if there was OnStar in case they got lost." He even made fun of himself saying, "If you ever see a policeman at the local donut shop...oh, wait, I work in Naperville, I mean the Starbucks.. just come over and say, HI!"

All in all, it was a great experience for him and a chance for him to go to something just his own this summer. I'm really glad he went and I hope that he learned a lot!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Ok, as a new kid on the blog, I am totally overwhelmed by the number of bloggers out there! I am also amazed at how much people put on their blogs. I've seen ads, really cool photos, links to numerous places and more websites than I ever thought possible! I am blown away by this really amazing way for people to communicate! After viewing quite a few today (kids happily coloring in the background,frozen pizza ready in the waiting for dinner), I realized something...I haven't even figured out how to underline, italicize(that's a word), or even add anything more sophisticated than a photo! So, for now, I will remain a simple blogger, jotting down thoughts here and there, hopefully with a bit of humor. But I've realized this... if anyone ever thought they were alone in the world...they need to get bloggin'!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Josh: Oh look Mom, Ratatouille!
Mom: Oh yeah, that looks like a good movie. I wonder what it's about.
Josh: It's about two rats.
Mom: Huh?
Josh: Yeah, Rat-two-e!


Josh: It's the summer of the snap...he just learned how and shows it to anyone who will watch!
Ellie: After her own dance rendition of "Farmer in the Dell"...she says,"Mom, you just loved it?!" (as a teacher I noted that she is generalizing her past tense verbs, as a mom...I loved it!)
Owen: Fine-tuning his ever developing eyesight, he was fascinated with a print shirt I had on yesterday, as evidenced by his furrowed brow and intent stare!
Carey: Making through a whole evening with all three kids, on his own...and it was bath night! Way to go, dear!
Kris: Hearing my kids sing along to a praise and worship song in the van. The voices of children lifted in praise brings amazing joy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When the boys go and play...

Carey and Josh hit the local minor league baseball game last night as a bit of a "boys night out." It has been a new thing in our family since Owen arrived.. this idea of the "boys" and "girls." In a way I feel bad that we are separating, but at the same time, I love how it is teaching our children some gender roles without drawing a too-firm line in the sand. When I was young, I was known as a bit of a tomboy, playing sports with the boys, not really liking dresses or destroying my dolls (oh how my mom tried though!). It wasn't until college that I realized how important it was to show a bit of my feminine side, and since then, I'm proud to say, own several pink items and quite a few dresses! It's been amazing how having a girl has brought out even more "girlyness." So... the "girls" had a princess party. Yes, I indulged her favorite thing: some very girly twirls and dancing; and later indulged in my favorite thing: ice cream. We also painted toe nails and shared some giggles over the chilly ice cream. For a moment I just watched her spin and smile, with half-closed eyes, wondering what she was thinking. I hope it was, " This is the best part of my day," because it was definitely mine.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Overheard as I dialed into our insurance companies number:
"Para espanol, marque uno...for Spanish press one."
HUH? Why would you need to say... in English... to press one for SPANISH???? Wouldn't a caller who spoke Spanish understand the part about "marque uno" and not need further ENGLISH?? Ahhh...someone is really on top of things over there...maybe that's why I have to call every two weeks to check on claims, argue unnecessary charges. etc.....smiling....

Gavin Floyd

Announcing... Gavin Floyd! Born yesterday to my brother, Tim and his wife, Laura at 3:30 pm. He was 8 lbs 4oz, and is doing very well, along with his mom, who did a great job bringing him into the world! How exciting, a new life, a new cousin!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Rooting for a Southpaw

My dad has always held out hope for two things for his kids and now grandkids: That they would either become engineers, or be left-handed. He got one of the wishes in his granddaughter, Anika, who is left-handed. But, I'm not sure our resident princess will be hitting the pitching mound anytime soon, which would really be grandpa's wish! He may be getting his wish for the engineer in my brother, Mark, who will be starting some night classes to get some kind of engineering degree (mechanical??). So, with these two wishes somewhat achieved, I don't suppose he needs to know that Owen, in testing out his new skills, seems to prefer batting at objects with his left hand (at the moment). Well, I won't tell if you won't...;)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just the excuse I needed!

Found: JOY

Yes, I found my joy! They are the reason life is good. After a good night's sleep (thank you, Owen!), all is well. "Count your blessings, name them one by one..." Josh, Ellie, Owen, Carey....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finding Joy

My sister-in-law, Pam, has a phrase she says to my nephew to coax him back from a cranky moment...She says,"where is the joy in your face?" I love it. Unfortunately for me, this week has been a difficult one for finding joy. There are so many things going on: Owen's 2 month shots, Josh's kindergarten physical (with shots & peeing in a cup..pray for good aim), issues at Carey's job, me having to take a test for an endorsement on my certificate that I don't want, and the daily struggles of keeping a house a home. I know I am not the only one in the world with troubles and trials, but this week feels like we slammed into a wall and we are not bouncing back. Please pray for us and all the other families with young children as we go through our days. Oh, and send a cleaning lady, child psychologist, chef, gardener, and office manager to ease the load;)
***Read the comment below, it's a link to a great encouraging blog entry that definately brightened my day!***

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Yes, I have become that woman at the grocery store. You know the one. You have given her pity looks as she drags her cart through the aisles...a small, screaming baby on her hip...other small children running rampant down the aisles...desperately trying to get the items on her list hanging from her mouth, hoping she hasn't forgotten that really important food stuff that will keep her from coming back to the store any time soon. Uggg. I am that woman. Calgon, take me away...far away.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Conspiracy, continued

Captain's Log: I was wrong. The small one with the pigtails is the leader. Discovered her marking her territory with dry erase marker on the carpet. Methinks decorative rug shopping is in the future.

Baby faces

Here's a couple goofy but cute shots of baby faces. The first is of our very own, Owen, and the second is my cousin's baby, Segalene.


Captain's log: They are conspiring against me. I think the smallest one is their leader. It began early this morning with cranky looks and whiny voices. I'm sure it has something to do with a very busy weekend, but they aren't letting on what seems to be the cause. I'm hoping to make it through the afternoon, because the smallest one has a doctor's appointment. Will write again when time and chaos allows. If you don't hear from me in a day or two...know that they have won.

Owen's Baptism

Owen was baptized yesterday on Father's Day. It was a terrific service that include worshipful praise music lead by good friends of ours, Jen and Phil. We were proud to have family and friends participate by singing "Jesus Loves Me." The kids started us off with their very sweet little voices, and we joined in with our version. It was wonderful. Also, Carey's dad said a beautiful prayer after Owen was baptized. It was an amazing time of family and church family. We felt very loved and supported by everyone there and those who weren't able to be there, too. Lunch after church was a great time for fellowship with family and friends, and really good food and cake!
Of course, no baptism goes with out the kids stealing the show...Ellie usually is not in church and it showed. She was writing on anything she could find and turning around to wave at her cousins close by! Josh had a giggle when the pastor poured the water into the baptismal we are watching carefully....both Josh and I got a dash of the water splashed at us! He whispered..."mom, Pastor John got me!" At one point, Owen needed to leave because he had the hiccups and was a bit upset by them. So, he left. Then Ellie left with her uncle to go to the nursery. Then Josh left (and came back) because he left his "case" of church goodies in the back of church. At one point, I was the only one left in the bench. Well, all in all the kids had a good experience and we are so proud to have Owen baptized into the kingdom of God. What a blessing children and family are!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Inspired by a friend of a friend's blog, I thought I might post a meal that I made recently. This turned out to be a great meal! It was a bruchetta chicken, with a side of cold spaghetti pasta salad. Both the chicken and the salad got most of their flavor from the Sun-dried Tomato Vinagrette salad dressing by Kraft. I was pleasantly surprised and so was my family! Ah...well, back to easy-peasy mac-n-cheesy!


With Josh: Watching him play T-ball and being brave to try new things
With Ellie: Listening to her talk to me through a wrapping paper tube... while I'm driving.
With Owen: Smiling at him while nursing, while he coos and smirks as if to say,"My compliments to the chef."
With Carey: Stolen glances, hugs and kisses in the quiet moments between the chaos.
With myself: Realizing that it's ok that the house looks as if 14 people live here, because I just had a great time playing with the kids.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coolest Photo Ever

Taken at the Lincoln Park Zoo this past Tuesday. What a great day!

Update: Owen at 2 months

I know this isn't the best photo, but it shows a bit of what our little Owen is up to. Now at 2 months we have days full of smiles and coos, good naps and very observant eyes. He is sleeping really well now that we found out he is a tummy sleeper. Yes, we are going against current conventional wisdom for the sake of some well-needed shut-eye. He is an active little one, with arms and legs that flail about fairly uncontrollably! His big brother and sister are just a bit infatuated with him. Josh is our resident helper in all things from bringing diapers to calming Owen on a car ride. Ellie just wants to eat him I think. She is always "in his face," and using a very sweet little voice when she talks to him. Owen completes our family so well. His daddy seems quite taken with him, too, but is a little bummed because Owen's evening times are often his cranky time. So, I guess third time was a charm for us, because now we have this amazing little family that I can't wait to see grow and learn to love eachother.
This Sunday is Owen's baptism and we are so glad to bring our son to the feet of our Lord. We look forward to showing in a public way that he belongs to Jesus. What a great day it will be for our family and the family of God!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Heard at recent playdate

Thomas: (3-year old, face firmly pressed into screen door) "CHIPS!!"

A few minutes later....

Thomas: (casually walking through the kitchen) "You got popcorn?"

I love this kid. Some day, right around puberty, he will eat his mother out of house and home.

Playdate that made me proud

Today we had a fabulous day with friends at my friend Emily's house. Let me preface this by saying that Emily bravely invited her four girlfriends, three of which have three children each. Add that to her one and one more, well, you can do the math, but it adds up to a bit of chaos. The kids played well together and Emily whipped up a fabulous lunch for all of us, from beautiful watermelon, perfectly grilled hotdogs and chicken, to the quitessential summer treat, Flavor-Ice!
Why I wanted to write about this playdate is that I am proud of my friends as moms. I know father's day is coming up, but indulge me. These moms are awesome. They not only multi-task, but they do it with care and a sense of fun. I am most proud of my friend, Emily. By her own admission, she began as a hesitant mother, but she is amazing. She not only has patience for her own child, but generously gives it to others. She is encouraging to those of us who stand amidst the chaos of our children, dazed and confused. She has come a long way, baby!
And so my life has become what I longed for since high school and college...a time where I have great friends who I can share with both the joys and the sorrows of motherhood and my life. I haven't had these types of relationships since then, and feel the Lord's blessing in spades!

The spoils of summer

Ahhh, what is is about watermelon that screams "IT's SUMMER!" Whatever it is, I welcome it!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Get a clue, Mom

Me : "What are you two doing?"

(enter half naked children, Josh and Ellie)

Ellie: "I hot."

Josh: "Me, too."

Time to put on the A/C.


Well, Josh has accomplished another milestone! He is a real bike rider! Yep, the training wheels came off and with the help of his daddy, HE RODE! It was really exciting to see him bike on his own. Every time your kids do something new (roll over, eat with a spoon, go on the potty (!), head off to school), I feel a sense that it isn't just their milestone, it's ours, too. We've been building up to the "no training wheels" for a while now. With encouraging words about how he can do it and "wont' it be fun?" I think we prepared him for his big ride. One thing I do know, is that although we'd like to take credit for some of these grand events, the look of pride and accomplishment on Josh's face lets me know that HE did it and now our job is just to be proud right along with him.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here's a better picture of Ellie

Here's that picture I had earlier. Hope you can see the glint in her's a sneaky one!

Toes and Female Bonding

I am beginning to get into this female bonding with my daughter, Ellie. As you can see we now have matching toes in a fun summer color! It was a small bonding moment, but her eyes lit up in such a way I can't wait to do more!
The other day she was "feeding" her dollie the way I am currently feeding her younger brother, Owen. I watched with fascination as she talked quietly to her doll, Katie (named after her cousin), telling her that it was time to eat. I relayed this story to my husband, who made an astonshing remark..."It's good that she does that, you're teaching her how to be a mom." Whoa. Hold the phone. I was prepared to teach her to share, learn her ABC's, colors and that food off the floor was yucky...but how to be a mom? Thank goodness I had a good example in my own mother and the support of friends who are great mothers! Until I learn it all (hehe), I think I'll just stick to painting toes and handing out hugs & kisses whenever possible.

All Kinds of Parents

Today at church a family we had been praying for visited. They had very premature triplets and only two of the precious ones survived. I saw them come in and was immediately smiling because their uncle, a quiet, single man in his 20's, was gently holding one of the twins. I marveled at this, because I hadn't ever figured him as a "daddy" type. Maybe his shyness or maybe my lack of knowing him well made it a pleasant picture to see him holding his niece.
It made me think about how it takes all kinds of parents to raise the children of this world. The quiet ones don't get the attention that some others might get, and yet, their children grow to laugh and learn with the rest of them. As much as I admire my girlfriends who are moms of action (making great plans to fill their days, running with amazing stamina after their "bolters"), I am beginning to realize the strength of the quiet mothers who do all these same things, without the attention they deserve. Maybe this is why there isn't just one book on parenting...because there isn't just one kind of parent. Thank goodness.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Last post's picture

Ok, sorry that the last picture was so small. Will show a larger one once I figure out the details. Right now, my beautiful daughter is insisting on "her turn" on the computer...hehe...

In love with my daughter

I am in love with my daughter. Her beautiful eyes, (thank you husband), her little smirky smile, (thank you grandpa floyd), and her wonderful spunk (thank you God). What a blessing.

Poop problems

Yes, I am amazed at how poop causes such problems. If you are laughing at me right now, just stop and think of that time when it happened to you. Yes, I know this because the more I'm a mom, the more I know about poop problems. If it isn't happening, it's a problem, if it happens too much it's a problem, if you are as regular as the clock...I'd like to know your trick and share it with my newborn. Poor thing. Gas, poops, these are the things that trouble him most and that is why his poop problems are my poop problems. So, forgive me next time that I have a minor celebration (as I did this afternoon), when my newborn of 7 weeks fills his pants. Ah...the joys of motherhood, only to be repeated when I am old and gray and have found poop problems to be the thing that troubles me most. (I promise to tell you all about it! ;)

How big is your God?

Recently at our Bible study we were posed this question by our "leader" via DVD. It has been an interesting question for me, because I believe recently my God was small enough to fit in my pocket. I had Him in a place where He fit for me and when I needed Him I would pull Him out. This challenge to reevaluate this idea was a welcome shock and call to action. I need a big God, in fact He always was big, I just squeezed Him to be smaller. Thank God that I've heard these words and can look for Him to live large in my life everyday.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Naptime is the best thing that happens during the day. If the stars align and the planets converge, all of my children will lay their precious heads down for some much needed quiet time in the afternoon. Currently, I think that will be the only time I have to write in this blog. Usually I tackle my list of things to do during this time...check email, make phone calls, get a head start on dinner, etc. But, every now and then, I get a chance to read a magazine or even lay my precious little head down for a much needed power nap. So here's to naptime, and many more to come! Got to run, dinner plans await...


I didn't think my first post would be about bugs, but here it is. My husband brought home some cicadas to show our kids these once-a-seventeen-year phenomenons. The kids loved them. They have talked to them, listened to them, laughed at them and, at one point, watered them. Soon though the novelty was wearing off and my son, Josh, asked them to stop making so much noise. I informed him that they are just talking to each other, trying to leave out the fact that I knew that was the male trying to find a female to "hook up" with. Needless to say, we weren't sure if we had both male and female in our little bug box, but soon it was very apparent. Yes, two of our little inhabitants were...courting. Ahh, the joys of science and nature, right in our own kitchen window.

Now calling..."Party of Five"

Wow, I've done it, I've become a blogger. I am actually really excited to begin writing about the daily happenings in our Wise family. We may not be the most interesting folks on the block (I'll write later about them!), but it will still be fun nonetheless. Daily things are happening and I can't wait to write them out to have a journal-like record of our days and nights as a family. So looking forward to writing! Onward!