Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finding Joy

My sister-in-law, Pam, has a phrase she says to my nephew to coax him back from a cranky moment...She says,"where is the joy in your face?" I love it. Unfortunately for me, this week has been a difficult one for finding joy. There are so many things going on: Owen's 2 month shots, Josh's kindergarten physical (with shots & peeing in a cup..pray for good aim), issues at Carey's job, me having to take a test for an endorsement on my certificate that I don't want, and the daily struggles of keeping a house a home. I know I am not the only one in the world with troubles and trials, but this week feels like we slammed into a wall and we are not bouncing back. Please pray for us and all the other families with young children as we go through our days. Oh, and send a cleaning lady, child psychologist, chef, gardener, and office manager to ease the load;)
***Read the comment below, it's a link to a great encouraging blog entry that definately brightened my day!***


SGSHORT said...

NO, you are definitely not the only one with these same struggles. If you want some this:
This is the most encouraging thing I've ever read on our current stage in life! Hope you have a good one today!

SGSHORT said...
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SGSHORT said...

I realized that you can't see that whole link unless you click on your post and look at the comments that way. Not sure why it posted like that!

emilymcd said...

I'm sorry for your struggles lately, Kris. It seems that a lot of my friends are going through some difficulties and it's hard to get "Mom" time.

I'll pray that you will have some times of rest and peace.