Thursday, June 07, 2007


I didn't think my first post would be about bugs, but here it is. My husband brought home some cicadas to show our kids these once-a-seventeen-year phenomenons. The kids loved them. They have talked to them, listened to them, laughed at them and, at one point, watered them. Soon though the novelty was wearing off and my son, Josh, asked them to stop making so much noise. I informed him that they are just talking to each other, trying to leave out the fact that I knew that was the male trying to find a female to "hook up" with. Needless to say, we weren't sure if we had both male and female in our little bug box, but soon it was very apparent. Yes, two of our little inhabitants were...courting. Ahh, the joys of science and nature, right in our own kitchen window.


emilymcd said...

Awesome! You're a blogger! And now you can see the joy of getting a COMMENT! It's way fun!

Laughing... that's a delicate way of saying "it"... "courting". Ah, the joys of parenting

Erin said...

Did you release those bad boys (and girls)? Because I found 3 in my back yard today! Unfortunately, I found 2 in the pool, so I'm not sure they'll make it.

buckeyemama said...

The last time we saw cicadas, we were newlyweds in our first house in Glen Ellyn. Wow, how time flies! Kris, I thoroughly love your blog!