Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When the boys go and play...

Carey and Josh hit the local minor league baseball game last night as a bit of a "boys night out." It has been a new thing in our family since Owen arrived.. this idea of the "boys" and "girls." In a way I feel bad that we are separating, but at the same time, I love how it is teaching our children some gender roles without drawing a too-firm line in the sand. When I was young, I was known as a bit of a tomboy, playing sports with the boys, not really liking dresses or destroying my dolls (oh how my mom tried though!). It wasn't until college that I realized how important it was to show a bit of my feminine side, and since then, I'm proud to say, own several pink items and quite a few dresses! It's been amazing how having a girl has brought out even more "girlyness." So... the "girls" had a princess party. Yes, I indulged her favorite thing: some very girly twirls and dancing; and later indulged in my favorite thing: ice cream. We also painted toe nails and shared some giggles over the chilly ice cream. For a moment I just watched her spin and smile, with half-closed eyes, wondering what she was thinking. I hope it was, " This is the best part of my day," because it was definitely mine.


Erin said...

How fun for all of you! I understand about the gender roles. We were careful with Hanne to buy her cars in addition to dolls, and Alex does have his own baby doll. But lately, Alex has been inundated with sports items. Oh well. He plays baseball with his toe nails painted.

emilymcd said...

I love it!

I don't sit down very well and listen to Morgan, so I use toe nail painting time as our girl chat time.