Monday, June 11, 2007


Well, Josh has accomplished another milestone! He is a real bike rider! Yep, the training wheels came off and with the help of his daddy, HE RODE! It was really exciting to see him bike on his own. Every time your kids do something new (roll over, eat with a spoon, go on the potty (!), head off to school), I feel a sense that it isn't just their milestone, it's ours, too. We've been building up to the "no training wheels" for a while now. With encouraging words about how he can do it and "wont' it be fun?" I think we prepared him for his big ride. One thing I do know, is that although we'd like to take credit for some of these grand events, the look of pride and accomplishment on Josh's face lets me know that HE did it and now our job is just to be proud right along with him.


emilymcd said...

Oh wow. Yes, that IS an accomplishment. He looked very proud.

Shall we sign him up for L.A.T.E. ride this year? :)

Erin said...

Way to go Josh! Guess it's time to get busy with Hanne.