Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer lists

So, the long awaited lists are in! The kids could not wait to make these lists this year. In true third child fashion, even Owen got in the action.

I love how their lists reflect their personalities, their interests and will someday give them a sneak peek into what they were like at this age. As I read through the lists, my emotions fly from laughter to tears. Josh wants to learn how to mow the lawn (he's growing up). Ellie wants her ears pierced (didn't see that one coming). Owen wants to wear shorts (I guess it's the simple things, eh?).

So enjoy the lists and we'll keep you posted on which ones we've achieved as summer begins today!

Ellie's Summer List
(It's two pages, because, well, a girl needs options, ya know)

Owen's Summer List

Josh's Summer List