Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer lists

So, the long awaited lists are in! The kids could not wait to make these lists this year. In true third child fashion, even Owen got in the action.

I love how their lists reflect their personalities, their interests and will someday give them a sneak peek into what they were like at this age. As I read through the lists, my emotions fly from laughter to tears. Josh wants to learn how to mow the lawn (he's growing up). Ellie wants her ears pierced (didn't see that one coming). Owen wants to wear shorts (I guess it's the simple things, eh?).

So enjoy the lists and we'll keep you posted on which ones we've achieved as summer begins today!

Ellie's Summer List
(It's two pages, because, well, a girl needs options, ya know)

Owen's Summer List

Josh's Summer List

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another milestone

He's up there right now. In the gentle darkness, snuggled up on the comfy covers, telling him the truth. The truth about the big man in red.

Josh had asked this morning on the way to the bus stop if Santa was real. With a little still-want-her-to-believe-sister in the car, his dad effectively dodged the question.

We had a feeling this was going to be the year. The year when one of childhood's innocent fibs would slowly be brought into the light of truth.

So we talked about how he would tell him tonight. How we would try to protect the secret for his younger siblings, too. How it is based on the powerful truth that there are some things we believe in, but just can't see.

I wonder if it will make him feel older, like now he knows something and can share in "what the big people know." It's like...sitting at the with the adults after years at the kids' table. I look forward to his knowing looks when the mention of Santa comes up in conversation. His raised eyebrows that match his older-than-he-really-is soul.

By now, the deed is done. I can hear his dad coming down the stairs.

My boy is growing up. This is one of those moments when I'm doing a cheer and a sigh at the same time.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sassy Six-Year-Old

Another birthday is upon us! And although I'd like to make yet another birthday all about me and how much I'm growing up as a momma, I think I should steer this blogpost to a more appropriate subject...


This beautiful, sassy, smart, silly, full of giggles and wiggles little girl is turning six this week.

She takes amazing pictures and loves to find the pretty things around her.

She's adventurous and is willing to take some risks,
as long as she has a firm grip on a loving hand. Then, after a few tries....she's off!

She's a reader. I can't wait to see how her imagination will be
bolstered by the way she swallows books whole.

She's silly, even wild at times. Her giggles get away from her
and there's no turning back until the hiccups arrive.

This girl loves her desserts. I'd like to say I have no idea where she got this from, but it's just so obvious. Give her chocolate and you have made a friend for life.

One thing is for sure, Ellie loves her brothers. They might tease her and do what all boys do to make girls crazy, but she loves them. She longs for their hugs and tackles. A cuddle on the couch, a goofy smile or a helping hand are all it takes for these three to come together like a little team. And if it were up to her, she'd be the team captain. every. time.

Happy birthday, my dear girl. You amaze us everyday with your imagination,
your love and your silly spirit. What a year it will be!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Morning Musing

(After so many noisy storms, our kids are just tired of them now.)

One by one this morning they came,
Trembling chins from the thundering rain.

"Come on in, and snuggle tight,
Everything will be all right."

The noises that made you wake so fast,
Will move on through...they won't last.

A snuggle turned into giggles,
Giggles into wiggles.

And although the storm continue to roar,
We all felt better and didn't think of it anymore.


It's amazing how a mother's look, smile, kiss or touch,
Can change a child's perspective so much.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time's a-flyin'

Wow. I haven't posted anything in July and by the end of this week, the month will be long gone.

I can't say that I haven't had the time, or even much to say, but I guess I just haven't taken the time to say what's been happening around here. (Although, the kiddos recent uber-interest in the computer means that they have some kinda alarm that must go off in their heads when I sit down at the ol' keyboard~not leaving much time for typing away our life's adventures.)

Life is full. Full of busy schedules, get togethers, lazy afternoons in the sun, book reading, party-going and family time. Family time. It was the one thing I longed for during the school year. As the school schedule takes over, life becomes the hamster wheel. We're just peddling to keep up with it.

But as summer has relaxed us, we've gotten into slow mornings (think breakfast at 8am instead of 6am), surfing the web for fun videos to watch (think "Phineas and Ferb- Squirrels in my Pants"), and made up games (checkers where the goal is to stack them as high as you can~ the ultimate "king me").

Vacations & staycations have been such a blessing for us this year. Thankfully, (with occasional family help), we've been able to do everything from getting a piece of summer at Christmas, swoosh down indoor waterslides, fly over oceans to explore an island, splash to our heart's content in a family pool, spend a whole week at a lake house, and explore nearby parks and playplaces.

Trying to sell our house is proving to be a huge lesson in patience for me. Waiting on God's timing is not something this control-freak of a momma is used to. But it's good. It's a life lesson. It's a chance for us to step back and really find out what matters to us.

This summertime we've had at home has also given me a chance to get to know my kids all over again. Not that I didn't know them during the school year, but now, with time - extended time, I can watch them, talk with them and really listen to what they are saying to me, to each other. Oh, the things I've learned. Josh is growing up super fast. Ellie's world is growing through books and a more curious mind than she's previously showed us. Owen. Well, Owen is learning a lot of from his siblings. Some good, some not-so-good. But, still, he's growing and developing this crazy sense of humor that will do him well some day. In a way, I look forward to our days alone when the kids go back to school.

So, in a nutshell. Family time. That's what we've been up to.

It's been such a different summer than any we've had before and I'm so glad it's not over yet.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Reading: Lesson in Gender Differences

A difference between boys and girls:

Got back from the library this morning and Ellie absolutely devoured her books. Ahh. I love my little reader.

Josh, on the other hand, had to be convinced to sit and read, but the vulture book he checked out is turned out to be filled with ultra-cool grossness. (Did you know that vultures throw up on other animals to keep them away from their own meal? I'm seeing distinct similarities between them and mealtimes when our kiddos were in the eat-and-puke-it-up stage.)

Owen just thought it was keen to get his very own library card. In true boy fashion, he quickly discovered it could make "tooting" sounds when he held it to his mouth and blew. (no picture for this one, the hilarity that ensued from this was enough to make me forget to snap a memory)

* * * * *

Summer reading should be interesting this season. I'm desperately trying to take my own teacher advice and get the kids reading at least 15 minutes each day. As a bonus, it's been a nice (quiet) way for Owen to be willing to take a nap. When the house is buzzing with only the sounds of pages turning, it's easier for him to lay his active little body down for some much needed shut-eye. I have been thrilled to have my own opportunity to read and catch up on some books that have been shelved for the school year. Currently, a biography on Julia Child has been a fun way for me to get used to reading for fun again. I look forward to trying some of the recommendations from friends who carve out time for book clubs during the school year and other suggestions from various sources.

Ahh. Bring on the reading. Bring on summer!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's gone!

Yep, it's gone.

It held on by a teeny thread as long as it could.

But the power of a sibling who has "been there, done that" prevailed.

Now, we wait for the Tooth Fairy!

Her little tooth will be waiting in this uber-cute tooth pillow made by her Aunt Sarah. Isn't it adorable?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The coolest guy I know.

This man has surprised me. (Not the cute little one with a cheese-mo smile, but the bigger cuter one with a smile that makes me melt. Still.)

Eight years ago this man celebrated his first Father's day. I'm not sure that was on the top of his "cool things I'd like to celebrate" list when he was young. If he doesn't mind me sayin' so. But he's surprised me. And, most likely, himself, too.

He wrestles. He kisses owies. He cuddles. He listens to little ones read. He takes them on adventures...anywhere he goes. Seriously, this man can make a trip to the grocery store with three kids in tow an adventure. He makes them laugh. Hard. I think he's the only one who can get Ellie to giggle so that soon we're all laughing. He builds with them. He teaches them about fishin' and other cool guy stuff. He runs. He plays.

And, he loves me, like no one ever could, which shows them more than a novel could ever tell them about how to love each other.

So, to the man who has grown into an amazing father...I love you and those little ones who look up to you everyday, love you, too!

Happy Father's Day, Dear.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Apparently, I have my mother's hands.

When I was young, church was not the most interesting place for me. No fault to the pastor or for my parent's lack of trying, I was just easily distracted. The windows, what was outside the windows, the hymnals, the ceiling, basically anything that caught my eye could pass the time for at least a few minutes. Once a spider making it's way down the aisle drew quite a bit of attention for me and a few other young ones. Throughout the seasons, I had one favorite distraction.

My mother's hands.

My mother had, and still does, I think, have beautiful hands. An odd thing, yes, but still, very true. Her long fingers and the rings that were displayed on them were often looked to as a church distraction for me. I'd watch her diamond sparkle, fantasizing about my very own one day. When she played the piano, those long fingers moved deftly between the keys. Her nails were always kept relatively short, but were smooth, rarely painted. My first lasting memories of her are centered around the time she was pregnant with my youngest brother. She was about thirty-five at the time.

She was never one to spend a lot of time on herself, either from lack of time or the fact that she was brought up to not focus on "spoiling" yourself. And yet, her hands, and arms were always soft, gentle and yet, strong. I loved them.

As I sat in church the other day, still prone to some time of distraction, I began to give Josh a back scratch as he leaned forward in the pew. I looked at my hand. It was familiar, of course, but instantly, I was brought back to the old pew where I had once been.

My own hands have changed dramatically over time. Diapers, dinners, winters, summers, games, cleaning and age all have had their way with my hands. More wrinkled than I had remembered them recently, my first thought was, "Dude, I need moisturize these babies more!" And then I thought... they looked like hers. The way I remember them. Maybe not perfect in the world's standards, but beautiful, just the same.

As I thought more about it, I think what really triggered that memory, was the other reason why I liked her hands. She used those slightly wrinkled hands to give us those gentle touches that let us know we were loved. Back scratches in church were just one way of many that we felt the love she didn't always find time to say with words. Allowing us to examine her hands, hold them, squish the skin to watch to pop back into place...all ways to show us it we were loved.

There was an odd "full-circle" feeling to that moment in church. A recognition of what my mother did to show us love, but also, that here I was, where she had been, so many years ago, doing the same thing: Taking my family to church, showing love to my son through touch and seeing my own hands become my mother's hands.

I wonder if she ever had that same moment.

I have a feeling I am in for many more of those "look where life has taken me" times ahead. It's good to know that the road I travel is not one that is unpaved, or at least, untrodden. Motherhood truly is a journey. I guess one whose roads often come around the same bend every so often.