Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: He really should know by now...

Oh, and PS.  My darlin's cute red face is not due to embarrassment, but from too much fun in the sun at the lake last week.  More fun pictures and stories to follow...

Monday, July 28, 2008

How Big is Owen?


Ensuing conversation:

How big is Ellie?
So big!

How big is Josh?
So, So big!

How big is Mommy?
So, So, SO big!


(at least this...)

How big is Daddy?
So, So, So, SO big!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm back..with my smile

It's funny what three hours alone in Wal.mart and Mei.jer can do for the soul.

  • No "bench" carts (aka grocery store semi-trailers)
  • Leisurely viewing of the all the aisles, not just the ones on my list
  • Return to previous aisles for forgotten items without protest from said bench cart passengers
  • Did you know how relaxing it can be to pick out greeting cards?  Alone?  Usually, it involves all of the new-fangled sound cards being opened.  At one time.  Accompanied by loud laughter.  
  • I actually was able to fit all my groceries in the cart. Not on top of children.  Or strategically placed around, under or behind children.

Although I usually balk at going to the grocery store at night, it was one of the more pleasant trips I've had in a long time.  I think the Hubs knew I needed to run away for awhile as soon as he got home.  He walked in.  I ran and hugged him and said I was so glad he was home.  He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes a-smiling...."Need to get away?"   l love that he knew. I love that he let me go.  And now I'm back.  A bit more refreshed, ready to visit family, the lake and hang with my kiddos.  

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting away?

Insert whispered tones..

In ten minutes I am getting out of the house.
I'm going grocery shopping.
By myself.
It's not the spa, (ps. so looking forward to that Em!)
But it's out.
Sans children.

If I'm not back within an hour or so.
Do not come looking for me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Note to self

Bigger kids need bigger pool

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Look who's coming for dinner

But seriously...

Yes, he's made it. He's an official part of the family table now. After too many months of "asking" my proud-of-his-little-trickiness boy to SIT DOWN in his high chair, we moved him. Our high chair lost it's buckling capacity somewhere in the move to our new house 4 years ago. Not a biggie, we thought...Josh never needed it.

Famous last words.

Ellie discovered she could stand in the high chair pretty quickly. It was more about protesting her containment and showing her independence. Owen's standee status has been in place for quite a few months, too. His motivation? He thinks it's funny to give his mother heart palpitations at each. and every. meal. To his credit, he does listen and sit down after being asked, but after peppering way too many dinner conversations with "sit down, Owen," it was time.

After one particularly trying meal, I made the plan. Ellie, although still a bit short for a regular chair, was going to have to give up her booster seat for the team. This week at lunch I made the switch. I wasn't planning on switching it that day, but it was like he was on a roller coaster. Up. Down. Up. Down. Plus, he wasn't eating much, so I figured, no time like the present.

The change was instantaneous.

Not only did he immediately start eating the carrots he was currently refusing, but he also slapped his hands on the table like a regular table customer, as if to say, "whatcha got for me, ma?" He now eats off a plate, uses a fork (with direction) and I haven't had to worry about him taking a nose-dive into the linoleum from high-chair height!

The look of our family table has changed. I looked around at my kiddos last night at dinner and tried to envision future family dinners when they're in grade school (next year for Josh!), middle school or even high school. I pictured us chatting about our days like we do now...the good, the bad and the ugly. We've relegated family devotions to bedtime for now, but hope that someday they can return to the family table after dinner.

Although, the look of our family around the table may change, I hope the feeling of togetherness, sharing and bonding never changes.

Welcome to the table, Owen.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Good things come in threes

Don't I know it??

Odd thing too...

We were all weighing ourselves this morning.  Note the numbers.

Josh: 53
Ellie: 33
Owen: 23
Me: 1*3

So, Hubs, dare to see if you follow the pattern!?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wal.mart and internet on the phone saves the day

It's about 2 am and we've stopped for gas. Somewhere. The kids are dozing fairly well, except for our smallest one, a belly sleeper, is fighting the deep sleep his body needs. Our caravan of vans is a sight to behold. With car top carriers donning our vans like turtle shells and seats filled to the max with people, toys and luggage, there is no doubt we are a group with a mission. We've gassed up the vehicles (and the drivers) and we're ready to roll.

But one vehicle is not starting.

The engine in one of the van's refuses to turn over. Ugg. By this time, everyone is awake. Everyone. After a quick jump from another van, we're on our way with skepticism. We chat with hushed voices about the possibilities of what could happen. One toll booth later and we are stopped again. It's rolled onto the shoulder after absolutely conking out.

Enter on the phone.

My sister-in-law finds the nearest 24 hour Wal.mart. After one more successful jump to the fading battery, and an interesting route there, we find it. It's bold blue sign beckons and welcomes.

Everyone is awake. The odd combination of adrenaline and confusion get the kids in giggle fest that rivals Tickle.ME.Elmo.

The guys (of course) purchase the much needed battery and begin installing it into the tired van. After several trips to the bathroom, we realize that most of the Wal.mart employees know who we are. ("Are with the group who's car isn't working?")

And everyone is awake. We take this opportunity to let the children loose on the Wal.mart parking lot. It's about 2 am. Not too many visitors to this now beloved store, so we don't mind their enthusiasm.

Soon, we are on our way (thank goodness for handy men, eh?). After a few miles, all are sleeping again, except those of us who are thinking the obvious.

Thank goodness, for Wal.mart.

**I'd be severely remiss if I didn't see the strong hand of the Lord at work in this situation, eh? Here's a few things He put into place: an internet-ready phone, a shoulder to pull over on, tools to install a battery, a close Wal.mart, men who know their way around an engine, and the ability for most of us to rest after all the excitement.**

A time for everything...

A time to peek across the ocean...

A time to dig in the sand...
A time to hang ten...
A time to play in the pool...

A time to catch your uncle unawares...

A time to love your cousins...

A time to love your grandpa...

And a time to share morning chats...

What a time it was.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig

We're home!  

After a wonderful week of beach, pool, sun and family fun, we are home.  I hope to have pictures and stories to share soon.  For now, to give you an idea of how wiped out my kiddos were last night when we rolled in after two days of driving home...

(each night I asked the kids what's the "last thing" they want to tell me before cuts the "oh, one more thing, mom" stall tactic that Josh perfected early's often a comment about what they want to do the next day or a place they would like to visit)

Me:  Ellie, what's the last thing you want to tell me?
Ellie:  (through sobs and tears from sheer overtiredness)  I don't want to do nothing!

I hear ya, dear girl.  It was a great week, with no major catastrophes (including good traveling days, except for one visit to the Walmart at 2am to replace a car battery).  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.