Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Look who's coming for dinner

But seriously...

Yes, he's made it. He's an official part of the family table now. After too many months of "asking" my proud-of-his-little-trickiness boy to SIT DOWN in his high chair, we moved him. Our high chair lost it's buckling capacity somewhere in the move to our new house 4 years ago. Not a biggie, we thought...Josh never needed it.

Famous last words.

Ellie discovered she could stand in the high chair pretty quickly. It was more about protesting her containment and showing her independence. Owen's standee status has been in place for quite a few months, too. His motivation? He thinks it's funny to give his mother heart palpitations at each. and every. meal. To his credit, he does listen and sit down after being asked, but after peppering way too many dinner conversations with "sit down, Owen," it was time.

After one particularly trying meal, I made the plan. Ellie, although still a bit short for a regular chair, was going to have to give up her booster seat for the team. This week at lunch I made the switch. I wasn't planning on switching it that day, but it was like he was on a roller coaster. Up. Down. Up. Down. Plus, he wasn't eating much, so I figured, no time like the present.

The change was instantaneous.

Not only did he immediately start eating the carrots he was currently refusing, but he also slapped his hands on the table like a regular table customer, as if to say, "whatcha got for me, ma?" He now eats off a plate, uses a fork (with direction) and I haven't had to worry about him taking a nose-dive into the linoleum from high-chair height!

The look of our family table has changed. I looked around at my kiddos last night at dinner and tried to envision future family dinners when they're in grade school (next year for Josh!), middle school or even high school. I pictured us chatting about our days like we do now...the good, the bad and the ugly. We've relegated family devotions to bedtime for now, but hope that someday they can return to the family table after dinner.

Although, the look of our family around the table may change, I hope the feeling of togetherness, sharing and bonding never changes.

Welcome to the table, Owen.


Sittintall said...

Wow, does he look older! I'm sure he's grown a ton since we've seen him last.

Dave and Jenni said...

That second picture is priceless! Hope that family dinners continue to be that source of joy for you.

emilymcd said...

I love it: "Welcome to the table, Owen." He looks very natural, Kris. He looks like he's been there a long time. :)

Short Stop said...

Oh man, Owen has gotten big. WOW...he was a teeny baby when I met you! WOW!