Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm back..with my smile

It's funny what three hours alone in Wal.mart and Mei.jer can do for the soul.

  • No "bench" carts (aka grocery store semi-trailers)
  • Leisurely viewing of the all the aisles, not just the ones on my list
  • Return to previous aisles for forgotten items without protest from said bench cart passengers
  • Did you know how relaxing it can be to pick out greeting cards?  Alone?  Usually, it involves all of the new-fangled sound cards being opened.  At one time.  Accompanied by loud laughter.  
  • I actually was able to fit all my groceries in the cart. Not on top of children.  Or strategically placed around, under or behind children.

Although I usually balk at going to the grocery store at night, it was one of the more pleasant trips I've had in a long time.  I think the Hubs knew I needed to run away for awhile as soon as he got home.  He walked in.  I ran and hugged him and said I was so glad he was home.  He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes a-smiling...."Need to get away?"   l love that he knew. I love that he let me go.  And now I'm back.  A bit more refreshed, ready to visit family, the lake and hang with my kiddos.  


Short Stop said...


Nothing like it in the whole wide world.


emilymcd said...

I'm with you, girlfriend. I'm with you.

It's gotten to the point where an ob-gyn visit by myself is a treat. And that's just wrong. :)