Monday, July 30, 2007

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Tiny Talk Tuesday

Here's what our little ones have been saying. Check out Mary's blog to see more!

Ellie: Knock, knock.
Mom: Who's there?
Ellie: Daddy.
Mom: Daddy who?
Ellie: Daddy go outside.
Josh: That's not funny.
Ellie: Some peoples think so.

After a demo on how to blow your nose for Ellie...
Josh: Kyra does this with kleenex (big demonstrative blow of his nose), Oh...ok, now I really need a kleenex.

During potty training with Ellie we've been bring the potty chair wherever she goes. We were outside when this happened.
Ellie: I gotta PEE!
Mom: Ok, big girl, let's get you on the potty.
(after peeing)
Ellie: Yea! I did it! I want to flush it down and say "bye-bye pee-pee."
Mom: Ok, let's go!
Ellie: I can' buns are out!

Where's my camera!

Ok, I'm pretty sure my Hubs is going to be so happy I posted this, but it is too hilarious not to show.

We (and by that I mean Carey) is painting our front porch. He was precariously perched on the railing and stepped down onto the plastic chairs after doing some touch ups...when...I'm not sure what made him think that these flimsy plastic chairs that we have had since we were married were going to hold him but...the chair broke...and down came Carey...and up went the paint.

I was inside. I heard a thud. I thought it was one of the kids upstairs. I ignored it. (good mom!)

Soon, a frantic Carey was at the front door, "HONEY, I NEED HELP NOW!!" Being a good wife, I ran immediately to him...when I opened the door I couldn't help but laugh...out loud...very loud. Not my best move, as he's trying to quickly clean off our siding, porch and windows as the paint is very quickly drying. I wanted to help, so I ran inside to get....the camera. Yes, I'm afraid my first thought was to share this moment with posterity...not to get soapy water to help him. I returned to my husband who is almost covered in white paint and said, "Say cheese!" Let's just say that the first photo I took, he didn't have the cheery smile on his face that you see above.

After much ado, (not to mention the neighbors getting in on the laugh...they thought he was playing a joke on the kids... or shaving, one of the two) it was all cleaned up and Carey was able to see that what happened was REALLY funny, and if it had happened to me....Yes, he would have not been able to help because he would have been laughing his buns off. That's his kind of humor...apparently, it's rubbing off on me...because was mine, too.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Major Milestone

Last night Owen slept from 9:30 pm to 7:30 AM!!! Yes, I still woke up around 5:30 am wondering if he was stil alive, but after a quick check, my head was back on my pillow with a slight smile. Ahh, let's hope this is the next new phase...and it will be a good one!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Boys Love Trucks

Owen is a very good baby. He has been from the start. Once we figured out the fact that he loves to sleep on his tummy, life was very good. Now, we have run into the next "fun" thing. He HATES to ride in the van. WHAT??? Yes, unlike most of the infant population, he is very unhappy whenever he is in his carseat traveling. (which is odd, because he slept in it the first 2 weeks of his life). So, as you can imagine I love to do any kind of errand that involves packing up my troop in the family van. He doesn't even seem to like the stroller, which makes us pretty homebound unless I've stocked up on ear plugs.

And then...the Hubs took my van for the weekend recently and I discovered a miracle. Owen loves the Hubs' truck (4-door SUV, but the kids like to call it a truck). It was as if there was a magic spell that was cast over him. I loaded Owen in the truck, quickly got myself in so we could spend as little time as possible in there. No crying. "Wait for it..." I thought....."Wait for it..." And nothing. He was awake for a while. and. then. he. SLEPT! This has happened EVERY time I have taken him anywhere in that truck. Go fig. Well, all I know is that you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that one of these days, the Hubs might have to give up his precious truck for the family van. Sorry dear, but it's time to take one for the team.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Letter to Owen

My dearest O-Bo,

You are one of the cutest things I have ever seen. You knew just what would melt my mommy's heart, didn't you? Those adorable smirks, the big wide-mouthed smiles, and the hugs. This morning you just knew that I needed to be cuddled by a small little body, didn't you. You snuggled into my shoulder (which you never love to look around and see everything that's going on) and your tiny little hand grabbed tight to my shirt sleeve. Soon your sweet round head with fuzzy hair rested gently on my shoulder, too. We had... a moment. I will treasure it because that's what moms do. We grab those tender moments and pull them out again when our patience seems to be running on empty.

But you know, don't you? You know you are number three in a house of a preschooler, and a soon-to-be kindergartner. You know that your mommy and daddy needed a gentle soul to light up our days with your smiles as you watch the craziness around you. You know that each time I look into your eyes, I actually need that huge smile that so quickly flashes back to me. My dearest Owen, I love you. Your brother and sister each have their own special place in my heart, too, but you have won me over so quickly, so quietly. Thank you for being so good to me. I think you just know, or maybe, I think, your Creator knew way before you were born. Thank God for babies, Thank God for you, Owen,
Love always,
Your mommy

Note to self

Note to self: Hide-and-seek does not work while holding small baby. They always give away your position.

Rainy morning

I love to wake up to the sound of rain. Light rain, not downpours or loud storms, but that quiet consistent sound on the house, maybe even a rumble of thunder in the background. My friend, Emily, captures this feeling in her post here. Happy rainy morning to us!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've created a monster

Today I told Josh that when some is kidding, or telling a joke you say they are "joshing." He found this to be hilarious. He's saying it all the time. About anything. Oh dear, a Josh who's always "joshing." The power of a name...

Potty Training

Just that word makes me cringe. I am not a potty trainer. In fact, in our house, potty training has been more about training ME than them. And they know it. For Josh, we had to finally tell him that we had no more diapers. He search the house and upon finding no diapers, decided maybe he could do this grand thing of taking care of his own bodily functions.

For Ellie, we have exhausted all the tricks. Stickers, treats, and putting the doll on the potty have all been used. The last one failed when she discovered she could outmaneuver us. "I don't have to go, but my dolly does. It's her turn now." Even calling loved ones to share in the joy of a successful deposit has been tried. The phone call continues to be my favorite. I'm sure my husband is glad he has his own office when he needs to field a call from his daughter..."I PEED! IN THE POTTY! BYE!" I can just imagine his voice changing into the cute higher-pitched one he uses when he talks to her, while hoping no one hears him cheering on the latest success. It's priceless.

Currently, we aren't doing half-bad. Ellie has had one full day without an accident and she actually made a large deposit today on her own. She said she had "poops" and, oh boy, she did. After a self-proclaimed "hard time" doing her job, she observed, "Wow, it looks like a hot dog!" She seems pretty proud of herself, although, donut holes are the current winner for motivation.

Maybe I am getting better at this training thing. Maybe by the time it's Owen's turn, I may be able to let him run naked... but there is that the potential for spraying like an out-of-control fire hose. Ahhh, only time will tell.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I usually just post these as they come up (which I still might...) so here's the only ones I've got for today. Maybe I'll add more later....
PS. Thanks to Mary for setting up a fun carnival!

Mom: Josh, what would you like for breakfast?
Josh: (age 5) I would like some eggs. I need protein!

Ellie: I Peeing!!!
(said outside, in her bathing suit as she is peeing on the potty chair, through the suit. Ahhhh, one step at a time!)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Comedy Routine

It all began one day at lunch. We were telling stories over PB&J (only grandma's Jelly!) and it was Ellie's turn. Josh had just finished a rousing story about a dinosaur and it's daring adventure. Then she began..."Once upon a time...cows fly." For some reason this struck me as HILARIOUS. Maybe it was the fact that she began with "once upon a time," or the fact that her face was telling a very animated version of a valley girl pose, or just the fact that Josh busted out laughing. Now, if you've ever heard little kids' laughter...REAL laughter, it's very contagious. Soon we were all laughing. And so it began. From that day on, Ellie strives to make us laugh. She often begins with the same story. Although, it has been modified. (now, "sheeps" fly, too).

It reminded me so much of my family's dinner time. My dad was busy with work a lot and when he was home for dinner it was somewhat of a treat. We would all vie for his attention in our own ways. Mine, was humor. Whether it was a rendition of a daily happening, or smart comments on things my brothers had done, I strove to fill our dinner time with laughter. Mostly, just to see my dad laugh. He has this great BIG laugh. The kind that, when you hear it from across a room, you turn and wonder what "those people" are finding so funny. I also used humor to get out of many a sticky situation. (Right now my brothers are all hooting and hollering because I have often denied this very thing, only for the preservation of my reputation as a good girl). So, I confess, I did try to make dad laugh when he was on his way around the table to give me a pinch or a stern "talking to." Inevitably...if it worked...he would start laughing and forget why he was on his way in my direction. (According to my brothers, if that did happen, he found their shoulders for pinching instead, just as good measure for having to get up. I have no knowledge of that...hehe.)

So as I see Ellie, and Josh, making their way to bring humor into our lives, it strikes me as the best "what goes around, comes around." I can't wait to hear them use wit and humor to get through the day. To laugh out loud at some odd thing that happens at home or at school. I love that humor will be a part of our house, our home and their memories. So, Ellie...yes, I will laugh every time you start your stories with "cows fly" and Josh...I 'll laugh at the jokes you tell even if it's the same one from yesterday. Especially if it means that you will soon know that your mom snorts when she laughs really hard. Smiles...

School Supplies

Each year I look forward to school supply shopping. I love to update my stash for school and add crisp new notebooks to the pile. It's fun to watch the kids with their moms, trying to convince them that they'll take care of the more expensive "Hello Kitty" or "Spiderman" folders. Backpacks are carefully chosen and tried on for comfort and looks.

But this it's different.

I'm shopping for Josh.

Yes, he's starting kindergarten in one month. He has 30 days left of his preschool years. I have 30 days left of his preschool years. We will have officially moved into the "grade school years!"

I've had so many emotions in regards to this next milestone, my gray hairs have at least doubled. (yes I have them, at least for a few more weeks until it's back-to-school hair cut/color time!). I'm so proud that he's ready for the big K, but also nervous for him. It's not a secret that he's not a big risk-taker, so the idea of him jumping into a new place with new kids is scary. Or is it scary for me?? Unfortunately, my first day of "teacher days" is his first day of school. Fortunately, I have a husband who loves our kids just as much as I do. He will be taking Josh for his first day.

So, I have a month. A month to share time with my guy before he is gone, everyday...ALL day. We made a list. I am hoping to do it all. Because these times are precious and I feel them slipping away. I know he will be fine at do I know? I've got a plan: to pray for him and for me.


Josh: Encouraging Ellie to do well in our potty training "battle" this week. (I tell you if this kid potty trains her for me...he's goin' to college.)

Ellie: Describing a picture she drew. It had hills and water and grass and big hills, too. (As a teacher I'm so excited to see her beginning to draw and be able to label what she has done.)

Owen: Making a "snow angel" in a plush rug with his flailing arms and legs. (I love it when he gets this wild look in his eyes and the legs and arms really get going!)

Carey: Surviving, very well, the weekend with two of the kids camping, in a tent, by himself. (I love this man.)

Me: Enjoying the quiet of the house while the kids were gone. (Oddly, it was hard, because I've gotten used to the noise and chaos.)

Friday, July 20, 2007

I Love this Man

I Love this man. And I mean love with a capital "L." He doesn't always know it and I probably don't always get to show it, but I do. He's taking the kids camping this weekend. Now, before you say...oh, so that's why....let me list just a few of the many other reasons why I LOVE this man...

He is the creator of the acclaimed "Dance Party." This exciting event only begins once Mom is gone out with the girls. The lights go down, the music goes up and the flashlights come out! It's because of him that our children will have rhythm

He hums "Flight of the Bumblebee" to get the kids going faster during clean up time.

He allows his body to be the kids' jungle gym. The moment he hits the floor...they know, it's Daddy time!

He does the dishes. 'Nuf said.

He is an amazing listener, an active athlete, a spiritual man always striving to do better, he is a provider, some one who now laughs at my jokes (it only took 12 years of marriage), the reason I have such beautiful children and the one person who I know will stay by my side through it all. I LOVE this man.

(thanks for letting me gush, readers!)

Three month photo shoot: Owen

Well this little guy can never complain about not having any photos of him! These are two of my favorites from our little home photo shoot yesterday. I had to include the one with his little smirk, because it's my favorite face that he makes! By the way, thanks to Aunt Deb for the super cute shirt!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another one bites the dust

I am stealing this phrase from my friend who wrote these same words as I entered the blogging world some time ago. I've convinced my SIL to join into the blogsphere! She is a great friend and I am so glad she's jumping in! Check her out at her site!
P.S. Check out my other SIL's site here! Whoa! They're dropping like flies here!


I am convinced that I have a very strong magnet in my pocket, or somewhere on or in my person. The children also seem to have them. You see, every time I go somewhere in the house...they follow me.

I will purposefully walk into another room so I can hear myself talk to a friend on the phone....they follow...with loud games.

I go upstairs, way into the recesses of our bedroom, into the small compartmentalized bathroom to take a few moments... and they follow...with questions.

I go into the kitchen to whip up a well-balanced meal over the hot stove...they follow...with eager-to-help hands.

I go to get the mail, a quiet, short walk that I like to take each day...they follow...with shouts of joy to be outside.

Most of these times they are welcome. I like to have them help me in the kitchen, I want them to be outside.

I like to "take" them in the backyard to check our garden together...all I need to do is just walk out...they follow. Such good little children.

Now if I can only harness this power and use it for good....

New favorite thing

The kids have a new favorite thing to do with Owen. They call it "tackle." Before I ruffle too many feathers here, know that no children are harmed in the playing of this game. Basically, I place Owen on their bellies and they look at each other, smiling. I've included a picture of Ellie getting "tackled." Although this does seem innocent enough, Ellie was really excited to see her picture after I took it. So....yep, you saw it coming...As soon as the picture was taken she quickly "disposed" of Owen to check out herself on the camera screen. Like I said, no children were harmed, but I think Owen got a bit of a wake-up call, as he was quickly rolled onto his back, left to fend for himself. Owen, let this be a lesson to you...girls are very unpredictable, especially when it comes to having their picture taken.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Heard at dinner:

Ellie (with fist out in front, scrunched face): "I've got power!"
Mom: "Ooo, what kind of power?"

Ellie: "GIRL!"
(Ah..the feminism classes are paying off, hehe)

Josh: "Do you know who gives you power?"
Mom: "Who?"

Josh: "God."
(Ah...the Sunday school lessons are paying off)

Kids are such a blessing when you stop and look for those teachable moments and their shining smiles. Their energy is contagious and they say the darndest things. The Lord is teaching me so much through them. Thank you kids for putting a smile on my face today!


In an effort to edu-ma-cate (that's an education by "ma") a bit this summer, I played a game with the kids this morning. It was a sorting and classifying game. You take a whole bunch of small toys and select only the ones that have the same attribute. We did colors, animals, people and shapes. Then this....

Ellie makes a pile of seemingly oddly assorted items.
Josh and Mom are a bit puzzled.
"Ellie what's the same about all of these?"

"They're my FAVORITES!"

I'm loving these kids!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Whole New World

Hi friends, if you are at all squimish , not a fan of hearing about people's medical problems or have a case of the "that's TMI (too much information)", please stop reading. If not, sally forth.

I just got back from the doctor. Recently, I was told that I have a few organs in prolapse. Basically, because of having three children, and some probable weak muscle tissues, my insides are falling out. My uterus and my bladder seem to prove the addage that "gravity works." So, every now and then after some heavy lifting or a sprint up the stairs, I can feel my organs falling. It's kinda feels like when a tampon is falling out. Yep, it's THAT fun.

Well, I experienced even more fun at the doctor today (read with heavy sarcasm). I was fitted for a pessiary. Oh yes, there is a device that now I get to stick up myself on a daily basis to stave off these falling organs. So, now I can run, squat, hike up the stairs and hold Owen for hours without feeling gravity work on my insides.

Overall, this whole thing has really peeved me off. Now, granted, this is quite a small thing compared to those who have life-threatening issues, and I know that this is probably not the worst thing that could happen to me. Yes, I do still count my blessings. But, some of these blessings have each taken something away from me. Josh, my firstborn, took away my ability to eat dairy without a supplement. (who knew? not me...for a couple of years...) Ellie, my daughter, took away something more sanity. She was a collicky baby and made having a third quite the discussion. Owen, now my last, has sealed the deal. His birth pushed, what was probably inevitable, my organs to say, "let's not hang out up HERE anymore."

I'm mad because I was really looking forward to life after Owen filled with activity without worry and gettting my body back into shape for the rest of my life (life after having kids).

This is a rant and I'm sorry. But this whole new world was not the one I was expecting. It's not even one that I can share with others ("want to hear about my descending organs? no, this isn't common among 30 somethings...yep, more so with the older ladies"). It's frustrating, because I know that the long term solution is surgery. No fun there. It will most likely be in the summer, because I can't take time off of school. Good news is that I know we are done having kids, so there isn't any sadness there.

So for now, I'm trying to find my happiness in this, focusing on the fact that this is not life-threatening, but more of a quality of life issue. I know that there are others who have dealt with and currently deal with more difficult things on a daily basis. I know the Lord is again showing me how I am not in control, to lean on Him and the friends and family with which he has blessed me. So, please pray for me. That I get over this and maybe even laugh about it. I'm sure I'll have some great stories about how my pessiary went flying across the room (no joke, the doctor left the room to let me try this out, and warned me about their ability to fling themselves through the air), or how my kids found it and asked if we could go play frisbee.

Thanks for reading, and I promise this will be my only rant blog for a long time!

Said Today

While watching the Doodlebops:
Josh: "I'm not dancing to this one, it's not ROCKIN' "

Running to mom, nose up:
Ellie: "Mom, I need a kweenex, I have burgers."

After being told to put the coins she's taken back into the cup:
Ellie: "I'm not your best fweind anymore."
(Ahh, how fickle girls can be at such a young age.)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Owen Update: 3 months old

Whoa, Owen is three months old this week! Here are some of his latest and greatest:

Owen is losing his hair. Born with a lot of beautiful brown hair, it is turning lighter and he's losing it.

He is smiling like a mad man! Big open smiles that just make you want to smile!

Owen likes to "oooo." His sounds are serious and thoughtful and almost always directed at some toy hanging above his head. His brow is furrowed, but their is a hint of a smirk on his lips. This is my favorite new thing that he does.

He is watching EVERYTHING. We've begun to notice that the moment he is brought into a new place, he is eyeballing it from top to bottom with wide eyes. Noises are a source of entertainment, too.

His head is fairly steady now and he likes the view from sitting up. Of course, he can't sit up on his own, but loves to enjoy the world with some help. Favorite spot...(still) in Daddy's arms while he's standing. Owen is also starting to test out his leg strength. He likes to try and stand on his feet, but soon realizes it's too much work and spaghetti legs overrule.


There were many things said over our recent days that would be cause for big belly laughs, unfortunately momma brain drain has caused me to forget most of them. Here are a few I can remember:

Josh and Dad are pretending to be pirates with full voice and eye-squinting character:
Dad: "Arg...get ahoy the ships, ye mateys."
Josh: (still in character) "Arg...what'd ya say?"

Ellie is dragging several items into the living room and lining them up behind her. She begins to face forward and pretend to drive.
Mom: What are you doing?
Ellie: I'm packing and going on vacation.

Ellie races to mom with wide eyes (Owen previously wailing in the background).
Mom: "What was wrong with Owen?"
Ellie: (said with hands open, kind of like jazz hands) "Well, I was combing Owen's hair and he FREAKED OUT, so I gave him his pipe (our version of the pacifier) and now he's OK. Whew!"

On the boat on vacation, Ellie is eyeing her mom in her bathing suit and life vest.
Ellie: "Mom, I can see your underwear."
Mom: "No, that's mommy's suit under my life vest."
Ellie: "Nope, I can see your underwear."
Mom: "No, it's my suit."
(banter continues at least 3 more times)
Ellie: "It's your underwear."
Mom: (giving up) "Yes, you're right."
Ellie smiles.


All moms multi-task. It's part of the job description, right under "willing to lose sleep over consecutive nights, potentially months." We've all seen the ads where moms hold up a business card that reads several job titles, like nurse, counselor, chef, referee, office manager and jungle gym. Today I reveled in this job of multi-tasking for about 10 minutes. Here is how it played out....
On the floor of our living room I laid down with Owen on my stomach, Ellie on one side of my head and Josh on the other. Owen, was being entertained by watching the kids, and me, making faces at him....all the while I am working on my stomach crunches and he's getting tummy time and, after a few minutes, practicing sitting up. As this is going on, in between reps of crunches, Ellie is "doing my hair" (read: pulling on my hair and twisting it), and Josh is checking my teeth. Soon Josh joined in the hair work by turling ("it's twisting and curling, Mom") my hair. This barrage of activity lasted for about 10 minutes until the king of the house (you know him and love him...Owen) decided he had enough.
All in all, I tell this story not to hear the raucous applause by moms cheering me on, (although I think you are probably saying..."been there!"), but I tell this to remind myself that time can be spent with all the kids and it can be a ton of fun! I've struggled with how to be with all the kids together and still give them the attention they need. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who allows one-on-one time with each of the kids, too. So, I guess I have discovered the secret...allow your body to be their play toy disregarding any harm it may cause to appendages, or hair parts. less lesson to be learned as I age....hehe

Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're Back!

Hello blogging friends...I missed you! Actually, that's not entirely true. I missed my computer the first two days and then...I remembered life B.B (before blogging). I also remembered I was on vacation! It was wonderful!
We spent a whole week sharing space with my in-laws in a lovely cottage on a nice lake. We shared many, many good meals, soaked up a lot of sun, and talked and talked and talked (my fav...the "question of the day"). The kids had a terrific time playing in the sand, going on boat rides and even trying out tubing! There were many fish that ended up on the end of our poles, mini-epic battles with their flashing scales shining as they were dragged aboard. (actually, they were kinda teeny, but it sounds better this way).
I had so many times where I wished that I wrote down what was said by little ones, because as I look back, I have this feeling that I was laughing...a lot. We laughed at the kids and at each other, but also with the kids and each other. We reminisced and planned, and sometimes we actually slept. It was a great way to pass seven days....playing, laughing and loving being with family. I know it's something we can't do every year, or even every other year, but it always reminds me that these are the moments that the Lord created us for, the ones where we get to share in community with family. I love you family and thanks for making it a great, great time!

Friday, July 06, 2007

"Catching" up

Ok, apparently one day off of blogging is not good. So I'm catching up....
Here are some shots of my family. I am not too embarrassed to say that these are the most adorable people I know. The hubs is looking especially supercute!
These pics are all from Josh's last T-ball game. What a hoot that was to experience! Kids throwing dirt and grass instead of watching the game. There's no score and we all just cheer no matter what happens. They all look so cute in there uniforms and it is definitely not taken too seriously (just wait til next year!). All in all, it was truly one of those milestones for Josh and for us. We have entered the "kids in sports" stage. Which closely aligns with the "mom's taxi" stage. Ahhh....


Ellie: (looking out back door) "Why is Daddy taking off his

Mom checked. He was just trying to stay cool as he mowed the lawn. (shirt only, in case you were wondering). Mom watched for a few minutes before she was caught ogling her hubs. hehe.

Mirror, Mirror

One of Owen's new favorite things to do is look at himself in the mirror. It has been a blast to hold him in front of the mirror and watch him smile at himself, furrow his brow at seeing his limbs flail about, and then find me and give another big grin.
One thing struck me as we were spending some time in front of the mirror the other day. I really looked at myself. Now, if you're a mom of little ones you know that you have about 2.2 minutes to check yourself over for spitup on the shoulder or residual toothpaste (theirs', not yours) before you are off in the next direction. So, spending a few minutes just "checking myself out" was a bit of a shocker. Take away the fact that I know these last 10 lbs of baby weight will take a while to get rid of...(sigh)...I still looked older. It's kind of like when you get a chance to step back and "see" yourself from far away, you are not sure you recognize yourself. I'm now a mom...of three. I'm still a teacher, but more seasoned. I'm a wife, but not as youthful-looking as our wedding photos boast.
Beyond those physical observations I made, I saw something else. It was a mom. Again, you don't always see yourself as others see you, so I took some time. I looked at Owen's face and then mine. I remember doing this with the other kids, too, looking for the resemblance in their features and mine. Josh had my nose and eyes, Ellie had my eyes and smile. Owen has my lips and that's about it. He is truly his own person. I saw myself holding him and smiling. It's a bit surreal when you try to think this who I thought I would be? Am I who I thought I would be, at this age and stage?
Thank God that He is in control. I would have really messed things up and been looking at something else, if HE wasn't the one holding the reigns to our wild ride. I'm glad I've taken some time to reflect on what I see in the mirror. Mostly, because it shows me where I've been, but also what I've become. Now, if I can only get it to tell me what happens in the future...Ahh, again, Thank God he is in control.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today, Tomorrow

Today I nap, tomorrow I blog.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

And they ARE watching...

A fellow blogger jogged my memory for this one:

My grandmother passed away some years ago and we attended the funeral with my son, Josh, who was probably around 2 years old at the time. The church was kind enough to have an older couple sit with Josh in the nursery during the service. Already emotional, I went to pick him up after the service. The lady who had been spending time with him said, "You are raising one incredible little boy here." Uh, oh, I thought. "Oh really, what do you mean?" She replied, "We were having a pretend meal, and before we could even take a bite, he insisted that we say 'thanks to Jesus.' And we did." I about burst into tears. Not only was our shy-ish little guy having fun with someone he didn't know, but he INSISTED that they say a prayer before eating. They ARE always watching, Lord, I hope that I am always setting that good example. This is my prayer today.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Smallest things

Some people say the smallest things are the sweetest things. Or don't sweat the small stuff. Well, here are two of my favorite small things:

The Mini-whisk: This beloved utensil was given to me by my father-in-law (an excellent cook) for Christmas one year. It is a Wonder Whisk. First, I have to mention that I did not come upon whisks until a few years ago (yes, novice cook on board), so just the fact that they made one that small was pretty cool. Then, I began to use it. For everything. Mixing hot chocolate, chocolate milk, sauces, eggs...I was amazed. It is truly one of my favorite small things.

The mini magnet clips: Again a wonderful gift given to me by my in-laws. Oddly enough, with both this and the mini-whisk I was a bit unsure if I would ever use these. And again, I love these. I use them for cereal bags, Goldfish crackers and any other snack that has a plastic bag inside. I use them to keep receipts or doctor's notes handy on the frig as well. Very cool small things.

Ok, I have ventured from writing about my children for once...and I liked it! Hope you have some favorite small things...I'd love to hear about them!

Babies Again

Since we've had Owen, the other two kids have been very interested in what they were like as babies. Even more so, I've enjoyed remembering them as babies. A bit of comparing is going on, like, Owen likes to stand already, just like Josh did. Ellie liked to be rocked by her daddy, just like Owen does (if he's standing up!). Both Josh and Ellie had a bit of an army-type crawl, so we are speculating about how Owen will crawl..."will he crawl like me, Mom?"(Josh). The looks on their faces is like you are telling them the best story they've ever heard. Josh lights up and looks off like he's trying to picture himself only a few short years ago.
It's been so good for me to reminisce about them as babies, too, because there are days when I can't even remember what they were like before they could talk. They seem so big already and I try to picture or hear in my head what they sounded like or what were their signature moves and wiggles. I also have days when I can't seem to wait to see them grown up and past these preschooler days. I'm rushing it. I'm missing out somedays, I think.
This summer is such a blessing because of Owen, a break from school and the great weather we've been having. I can't allow myself to miss out...therefore...I blog!

Monday, July 02, 2007


One day at the grocery store before we were a party of five, Ellie sat sweetly in the cart making cutie faces at the grandma-type lady behind us. She smiled to me and said, "What an adorable little girl." Ellie promptly stuck her tongue out at the lady using her fingers to widen her grin. Ahhh....Ellie GRACE. If the name fits....

Funny Pants

Josh apparently put on his funny pants today. As his mom was helping him have fun in the sun by setting up his slip-n-slide...he turns on the water.
Later he mentions to Ellie, who has fallen on the slippery slide..."Ellie, that's why they call it a slip-n-slide..because you slip!"


Josh to Owen, in the van while Owen is screaming (he's not a fan of riding being in his car seat):
"It's ok, Owen, God is with you."

Ellie to Mom, while brushing my eyebrows with one of her princess hair styling toys:
"Ok, Mom, I'm painting your browns, pink. Like a flamingo."

Monday Meme

Ok, I'm not even sure how to pronounce "meme", but I'm joining in! On Mommaroar's
site you can see her responses to this fun run of questions! You can join in adding your responses in a comment or send me to your blog to check it out!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was married for almost 2 years by then, living in our first home, a townhouse. I had just finished my first year of teaching in my own first grade classroom. We were about to get our first "baby", our dog, Abby, in late July.

2. What were you doing 1 year ago?
Now married 11 years, I had just finished a year of job-sharing a second grade classroom. I had two children and we were embarking on a family vacation to San Diego.

3. Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
  • Jesus loves me (sorry that's a gimme)
  • We bow down
  • Step by step
  • I will always love you
  • National Anthem
4. Five snacks you enjoy:
  • Goldfish crackers (original flavor only!)
  • Oreos
  • Popcorn (kettle corn!)
  • Apples and peanut butter
  • My father-in -law's famous snack mix
5. Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
  • Pay off my house/debts
  • Give a bunch to those who need it
  • Save for our "golden years"
  • Save for kids' college
  • Go shopping!!
6. Five bad habits:
  • Above mentioned SHOPPING!
  • Forgetting laundry in washer
  • Too much time blogging!
  • Telling myself that it's ok to hang with the kids (our house really gets messy!)
  • Interrupting
7. Five things you like doing:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Watching my kids learn new things
  • Researching vacation spots online
  • Being with my girlfriends/family and their kids
8. Five things you would never wear again:
  • Short skirts
  • Bobby socks
  • Full length skirts
  • Bikini
  • A vest
Feel free to shorten your responses if you can only come up with a few or if time runs out! (where ARE my children???hehe)