Friday, July 27, 2007

Boys Love Trucks

Owen is a very good baby. He has been from the start. Once we figured out the fact that he loves to sleep on his tummy, life was very good. Now, we have run into the next "fun" thing. He HATES to ride in the van. WHAT??? Yes, unlike most of the infant population, he is very unhappy whenever he is in his carseat traveling. (which is odd, because he slept in it the first 2 weeks of his life). So, as you can imagine I love to do any kind of errand that involves packing up my troop in the family van. He doesn't even seem to like the stroller, which makes us pretty homebound unless I've stocked up on ear plugs.

And then...the Hubs took my van for the weekend recently and I discovered a miracle. Owen loves the Hubs' truck (4-door SUV, but the kids like to call it a truck). It was as if there was a magic spell that was cast over him. I loaded Owen in the truck, quickly got myself in so we could spend as little time as possible in there. No crying. "Wait for it..." I thought....."Wait for it..." And nothing. He was awake for a while. and. then. he. SLEPT! This has happened EVERY time I have taken him anywhere in that truck. Go fig. Well, all I know is that you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that one of these days, the Hubs might have to give up his precious truck for the family van. Sorry dear, but it's time to take one for the team.


emilymcd said...

You're kidding. Really? That's crazy. He must like a bumpier ride or something.

hehe... "take one for the team". You're funny.

The question is: whose crying can you take more: Owen's or Carey's?

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That is and their trucks...apparently it is true for young and old men alike, huh?

At least he likes one of the cars. My oldest just cried in the car till she was facing forward...silly kids.

Have a great weekend.

Short Stop said...

That's so funny! Yep, time for Carey to "take one for the team!"