Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Smallest things

Some people say the smallest things are the sweetest things. Or don't sweat the small stuff. Well, here are two of my favorite small things:

The Mini-whisk: This beloved utensil was given to me by my father-in-law (an excellent cook) for Christmas one year. It is a Wonder Whisk. First, I have to mention that I did not come upon whisks until a few years ago (yes, novice cook on board), so just the fact that they made one that small was pretty cool. Then, I began to use it. For everything. Mixing hot chocolate, chocolate milk, sauces, eggs...I was amazed. It is truly one of my favorite small things.

The mini magnet clips: Again a wonderful gift given to me by my in-laws. Oddly enough, with both this and the mini-whisk I was a bit unsure if I would ever use these. And again, I love these. I use them for cereal bags, Goldfish crackers and any other snack that has a plastic bag inside. I use them to keep receipts or doctor's notes handy on the frig as well. Very cool small things.

Ok, I have ventured from writing about my children for once...and I liked it! Hope you have some favorite small things...I'd love to hear about them!


emilymcd said...

I blogged this already, but I really like candles. I buy the votive ones and light one every night in my kitchen or entry hall. I buy them in bulk after Christmas when they're 75% off, which, for me, makes them even more beautiful.

I think that even if I became a billionaire, I'd still get a high off of buying something on sale.

But I tangent: In answer to your question: votive candles.

andrea said...

I'm going to have to get myself a mini-whisk! I can see how it would be so useful!

Short Stop said...

I'm with you on the mini-whisk. Just one of the greatest kitchen inventions! :)

My best friend, Lauren got me a mug for Christmas that says "Sarah's Hot Chocolate". I just love it. I drink a cup of homemade hot chocolate almost everyday (satisfies that chocolate craving for very few calories!!), and every time I pull out that mug, I just feel loved and it reminds me of her. And, I use my mini-whisk to make it! :)