Monday, July 16, 2007


All moms multi-task. It's part of the job description, right under "willing to lose sleep over consecutive nights, potentially months." We've all seen the ads where moms hold up a business card that reads several job titles, like nurse, counselor, chef, referee, office manager and jungle gym. Today I reveled in this job of multi-tasking for about 10 minutes. Here is how it played out....
On the floor of our living room I laid down with Owen on my stomach, Ellie on one side of my head and Josh on the other. Owen, was being entertained by watching the kids, and me, making faces at him....all the while I am working on my stomach crunches and he's getting tummy time and, after a few minutes, practicing sitting up. As this is going on, in between reps of crunches, Ellie is "doing my hair" (read: pulling on my hair and twisting it), and Josh is checking my teeth. Soon Josh joined in the hair work by turling ("it's twisting and curling, Mom") my hair. This barrage of activity lasted for about 10 minutes until the king of the house (you know him and love him...Owen) decided he had enough.
All in all, I tell this story not to hear the raucous applause by moms cheering me on, (although I think you are probably saying..."been there!"), but I tell this to remind myself that time can be spent with all the kids and it can be a ton of fun! I've struggled with how to be with all the kids together and still give them the attention they need. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who allows one-on-one time with each of the kids, too. So, I guess I have discovered the secret...allow your body to be their play toy disregarding any harm it may cause to appendages, or hair parts. less lesson to be learned as I age....hehe

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Short Stop said...

Major multi-tasking points for you today! I love the "king of the house" comment!!!

Thanks for letting us in for a peek today! :)