Monday, July 30, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Here's what our little ones have been saying. Check out Mary's blog to see more!

Ellie: Knock, knock.
Mom: Who's there?
Ellie: Daddy.
Mom: Daddy who?
Ellie: Daddy go outside.
Josh: That's not funny.
Ellie: Some peoples think so.

After a demo on how to blow your nose for Ellie...
Josh: Kyra does this with kleenex (big demonstrative blow of his nose), Oh...ok, now I really need a kleenex.

During potty training with Ellie we've been bring the potty chair wherever she goes. We were outside when this happened.
Ellie: I gotta PEE!
Mom: Ok, big girl, let's get you on the potty.
(after peeing)
Ellie: Yea! I did it! I want to flush it down and say "bye-bye pee-pee."
Mom: Ok, let's go!
Ellie: I can' buns are out!


Amber said...

that's CUTE!!!

btw-i'm lovin the pic of dh!

0:) Amber

Short Stop said...

These are hilarious, Kris! :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That knock knock joke is so funny. You can let her know that I find it funny :) I'll be "some people" he he!

Lori said...

Oh so cute and funny!

emilymcd said...

Oh man. I love these stories. "That's not funny" by Josh and "my buns are out" by Ellie. Mmmm. Hilarious.

BTW- Just a hunch, but I think Morgan has a crush on Josh. At church she demands that he chase her. She doesn't seem to do this with the other boys.

I'm ALWAYS trying to be nice to all the boys in church just in case one day...

Momma Roar said...

I think my Elle and you're Ellie are long lost twins. Too cute!