Monday, July 23, 2007

School Supplies

Each year I look forward to school supply shopping. I love to update my stash for school and add crisp new notebooks to the pile. It's fun to watch the kids with their moms, trying to convince them that they'll take care of the more expensive "Hello Kitty" or "Spiderman" folders. Backpacks are carefully chosen and tried on for comfort and looks.

But this it's different.

I'm shopping for Josh.

Yes, he's starting kindergarten in one month. He has 30 days left of his preschool years. I have 30 days left of his preschool years. We will have officially moved into the "grade school years!"

I've had so many emotions in regards to this next milestone, my gray hairs have at least doubled. (yes I have them, at least for a few more weeks until it's back-to-school hair cut/color time!). I'm so proud that he's ready for the big K, but also nervous for him. It's not a secret that he's not a big risk-taker, so the idea of him jumping into a new place with new kids is scary. Or is it scary for me?? Unfortunately, my first day of "teacher days" is his first day of school. Fortunately, I have a husband who loves our kids just as much as I do. He will be taking Josh for his first day.

So, I have a month. A month to share time with my guy before he is gone, everyday...ALL day. We made a list. I am hoping to do it all. Because these times are precious and I feel them slipping away. I know he will be fine at do I know? I've got a plan: to pray for him and for me.


Short Stop said...

Ohhh, Kris. I feel for you! Jack's starting pre-school this fall and I'm not even sure how to feel! Thanks for the reminder to just pray...for him and for me! :)

Sittintall said...

You sure know how to stir up the emotion, Kris! I get teary eyed just thinking of your 30 days. It makes me think I need to really hold dear the moments I have with Kyra at home.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh...I hear you. K has an Oct bday, and around here, you have to be 5 by Sept 1, so I earned one extra year with her. I am sure he is going to have a blast - it's harder on you then him, I am sure!