Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Heard at dinner:

Ellie (with fist out in front, scrunched face): "I've got power!"
Mom: "Ooo, what kind of power?"

Ellie: "GIRL!"
(Ah..the feminism classes are paying off, hehe)

Josh: "Do you know who gives you power?"
Mom: "Who?"

Josh: "God."
(Ah...the Sunday school lessons are paying off)

Kids are such a blessing when you stop and look for those teachable moments and their shining smiles. Their energy is contagious and they say the darndest things. The Lord is teaching me so much through them. Thank you kids for putting a smile on my face today!


Short Stop said...

Tell them thanks for putting a smile on Miss Sarah's, too! :)

BTW, so you like Jamba Juice? How about I skip across the lake and meet you and Em there? *sigh*

Kris said...

We'd love to meet you! Oh and I did treat myself today...I went shopping! Cool, because I found some shorts/capris, uncool, because I had too, my others aren't fitting! Oh well, maybe next summer I'll try them on and say...Oooo these are too small now!