Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am convinced that I have a very strong magnet in my pocket, or somewhere on or in my person. The children also seem to have them. You see, every time I go somewhere in the house...they follow me.

I will purposefully walk into another room so I can hear myself talk to a friend on the phone....they follow...with loud games.

I go upstairs, way into the recesses of our bedroom, into the small compartmentalized bathroom to take a few moments... and they follow...with questions.

I go into the kitchen to whip up a well-balanced meal over the hot stove...they follow...with eager-to-help hands.

I go to get the mail, a quiet, short walk that I like to take each day...they follow...with shouts of joy to be outside.

Most of these times they are welcome. I like to have them help me in the kitchen, I want them to be outside.

I like to "take" them in the backyard to check our garden together...all I need to do is just walk out...they follow. Such good little children.

Now if I can only harness this power and use it for good....


emilymcd said...

Ah yes. Isn't it funny how much they love to be around adults? Laughing... so I'm not the only one?

Short Stop said...

Ok, I'm with I'm not the only one? They will "ignore" me all day, but as soon as I need to "do" something, like make a phone call, they're hanging onto my legs and asking for fruit snacks and pretending to be Tigger. :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I so hear you on this true so true!