Monday, July 23, 2007

Comedy Routine

It all began one day at lunch. We were telling stories over PB&J (only grandma's Jelly!) and it was Ellie's turn. Josh had just finished a rousing story about a dinosaur and it's daring adventure. Then she began..."Once upon a time...cows fly." For some reason this struck me as HILARIOUS. Maybe it was the fact that she began with "once upon a time," or the fact that her face was telling a very animated version of a valley girl pose, or just the fact that Josh busted out laughing. Now, if you've ever heard little kids' laughter...REAL laughter, it's very contagious. Soon we were all laughing. And so it began. From that day on, Ellie strives to make us laugh. She often begins with the same story. Although, it has been modified. (now, "sheeps" fly, too).

It reminded me so much of my family's dinner time. My dad was busy with work a lot and when he was home for dinner it was somewhat of a treat. We would all vie for his attention in our own ways. Mine, was humor. Whether it was a rendition of a daily happening, or smart comments on things my brothers had done, I strove to fill our dinner time with laughter. Mostly, just to see my dad laugh. He has this great BIG laugh. The kind that, when you hear it from across a room, you turn and wonder what "those people" are finding so funny. I also used humor to get out of many a sticky situation. (Right now my brothers are all hooting and hollering because I have often denied this very thing, only for the preservation of my reputation as a good girl). So, I confess, I did try to make dad laugh when he was on his way around the table to give me a pinch or a stern "talking to." Inevitably...if it worked...he would start laughing and forget why he was on his way in my direction. (According to my brothers, if that did happen, he found their shoulders for pinching instead, just as good measure for having to get up. I have no knowledge of that...hehe.)

So as I see Ellie, and Josh, making their way to bring humor into our lives, it strikes me as the best "what goes around, comes around." I can't wait to hear them use wit and humor to get through the day. To laugh out loud at some odd thing that happens at home or at school. I love that humor will be a part of our house, our home and their memories. So, Ellie...yes, I will laugh every time you start your stories with "cows fly" and Josh...I 'll laugh at the jokes you tell even if it's the same one from yesterday. Especially if it means that you will soon know that your mom snorts when she laughs really hard. Smiles...


Short Stop said...

This is hilarious! That kiddie laughter is SO contagious!! :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I love when they discover humor - so fun! Kids crack up at the silliest things and yes, we all can join in! Seems yours got it from you!