Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Babies Again

Since we've had Owen, the other two kids have been very interested in what they were like as babies. Even more so, I've enjoyed remembering them as babies. A bit of comparing is going on, like, Owen likes to stand already, just like Josh did. Ellie liked to be rocked by her daddy, just like Owen does (if he's standing up!). Both Josh and Ellie had a bit of an army-type crawl, so we are speculating about how Owen will crawl..."will he crawl like me, Mom?"(Josh). The looks on their faces is like you are telling them the best story they've ever heard. Josh lights up and looks off like he's trying to picture himself only a few short years ago.
It's been so good for me to reminisce about them as babies, too, because there are days when I can't even remember what they were like before they could talk. They seem so big already and I try to picture or hear in my head what they sounded like or what were their signature moves and wiggles. I also have days when I can't seem to wait to see them grown up and past these preschooler days. I'm rushing it. I'm missing out somedays, I think.
This summer is such a blessing because of Owen, a break from school and the great weather we've been having. I can't allow myself to miss out...therefore...I blog!

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh yes, that is so fun. I edit vidoes of them each year and we love to watch them. It is so amazing to see the similarities between them and the differences...so nice you now have a blog to record it in :) me too!

And boy, don't they love to hear about themselves?