Monday, July 16, 2007


There were many things said over our recent days that would be cause for big belly laughs, unfortunately momma brain drain has caused me to forget most of them. Here are a few I can remember:

Josh and Dad are pretending to be pirates with full voice and eye-squinting character:
Dad: "Arg...get ahoy the ships, ye mateys."
Josh: (still in character) "Arg...what'd ya say?"

Ellie is dragging several items into the living room and lining them up behind her. She begins to face forward and pretend to drive.
Mom: What are you doing?
Ellie: I'm packing and going on vacation.

Ellie races to mom with wide eyes (Owen previously wailing in the background).
Mom: "What was wrong with Owen?"
Ellie: (said with hands open, kind of like jazz hands) "Well, I was combing Owen's hair and he FREAKED OUT, so I gave him his pipe (our version of the pacifier) and now he's OK. Whew!"

On the boat on vacation, Ellie is eyeing her mom in her bathing suit and life vest.
Ellie: "Mom, I can see your underwear."
Mom: "No, that's mommy's suit under my life vest."
Ellie: "Nope, I can see your underwear."
Mom: "No, it's my suit."
(banter continues at least 3 more times)
Ellie: "It's your underwear."
Mom: (giving up) "Yes, you're right."
Ellie smiles.


Momma Roar said...

LOL, these are great. You are so good at remembering this things - I always forget them, it seems. I love the one on the boat! Too cute - I also like your multi-tasking story! :D

Short Stop said...

I'm with Momma Roar...LOL! Ellie and Josh are HILARIOUS!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I love the PIPE comment - that is great! Welcome back!

emilymcd said...

Oh my. Keep 'em coming, Kris. They put a huge smile on my face. I LOVE these stories. The pirates, the vacation... ah... they learn SO much.