Monday, June 18, 2007

Owen's Baptism

Owen was baptized yesterday on Father's Day. It was a terrific service that include worshipful praise music lead by good friends of ours, Jen and Phil. We were proud to have family and friends participate by singing "Jesus Loves Me." The kids started us off with their very sweet little voices, and we joined in with our version. It was wonderful. Also, Carey's dad said a beautiful prayer after Owen was baptized. It was an amazing time of family and church family. We felt very loved and supported by everyone there and those who weren't able to be there, too. Lunch after church was a great time for fellowship with family and friends, and really good food and cake!
Of course, no baptism goes with out the kids stealing the show...Ellie usually is not in church and it showed. She was writing on anything she could find and turning around to wave at her cousins close by! Josh had a giggle when the pastor poured the water into the baptismal we are watching carefully....both Josh and I got a dash of the water splashed at us! He whispered..."mom, Pastor John got me!" At one point, Owen needed to leave because he had the hiccups and was a bit upset by them. So, he left. Then Ellie left with her uncle to go to the nursery. Then Josh left (and came back) because he left his "case" of church goodies in the back of church. At one point, I was the only one left in the bench. Well, all in all the kids had a good experience and we are so proud to have Owen baptized into the kingdom of God. What a blessing children and family are!

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emilymcd said...

I LOVE baptisms. It was so wonderful to make a commitment to your family. It takes a big church family to raise a little Owen. :)