Sunday, June 10, 2007

Toes and Female Bonding

I am beginning to get into this female bonding with my daughter, Ellie. As you can see we now have matching toes in a fun summer color! It was a small bonding moment, but her eyes lit up in such a way I can't wait to do more!
The other day she was "feeding" her dollie the way I am currently feeding her younger brother, Owen. I watched with fascination as she talked quietly to her doll, Katie (named after her cousin), telling her that it was time to eat. I relayed this story to my husband, who made an astonshing remark..."It's good that she does that, you're teaching her how to be a mom." Whoa. Hold the phone. I was prepared to teach her to share, learn her ABC's, colors and that food off the floor was yucky...but how to be a mom? Thank goodness I had a good example in my own mother and the support of friends who are great mothers! Until I learn it all (hehe), I think I'll just stick to painting toes and handing out hugs & kisses whenever possible.


emilymcd said...

Amen, sister. As Dan says, "They're always on 'record' mode."

VERY cute pic. Make sure she wears toe-baring sandals to show them off. :)

Kyra said...

Great color! Can't wait to see her in her first princess outfit! :-) Its all she will ever want from then on!