Thursday, June 14, 2007

Update: Owen at 2 months

I know this isn't the best photo, but it shows a bit of what our little Owen is up to. Now at 2 months we have days full of smiles and coos, good naps and very observant eyes. He is sleeping really well now that we found out he is a tummy sleeper. Yes, we are going against current conventional wisdom for the sake of some well-needed shut-eye. He is an active little one, with arms and legs that flail about fairly uncontrollably! His big brother and sister are just a bit infatuated with him. Josh is our resident helper in all things from bringing diapers to calming Owen on a car ride. Ellie just wants to eat him I think. She is always "in his face," and using a very sweet little voice when she talks to him. Owen completes our family so well. His daddy seems quite taken with him, too, but is a little bummed because Owen's evening times are often his cranky time. So, I guess third time was a charm for us, because now we have this amazing little family that I can't wait to see grow and learn to love eachother.
This Sunday is Owen's baptism and we are so glad to bring our son to the feet of our Lord. We look forward to showing in a public way that he belongs to Jesus. What a great day it will be for our family and the family of God!

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