Saturday, June 30, 2007


Child wanting use only the hippest language:

After doing a super-neat trick, I told Ellie I thought what she did was amazing. Her response..."No, Mom, it was COOL."

Child is taking all my money:

Upon seeing some change on the counter, Josh instantly said," Mom can I have some money?....I'll put it in my piggy bank!"

Child playing the sibling blame game:

After a vocal battle over something really "important, " Mom asks siblings to please use nice words when talking to each other. Ellie responds, "He started it."

Child playing one parent against another:

Heard at lunch... Ellie: "Daddy, can I put dip on my chips?" Dad: "No." Ellie: (quickly turning to mom) "Mom, can I put dip on my chips?"

Each of these incidents is a precursor of things to come. I know this because I was there once, using ultra-cool language, trying to get my mom to doll out some cash (using "look I'll be responsible" reasoning), trying to move blame from myself to my brothers (they really ALWAYS started it;), checking with mom after dad said, no. Ah, what goes around really does come around!


Short Stop said...

I'm in big trouble then.

If we have a girl, I'm in REALLY big trouble!


Mary said...

It really does, doesn't it. I see it in my daughter all of the time!

Cute stories showing it!