Monday, June 18, 2007

Conspiracy, continued

Captain's Log: I was wrong. The small one with the pigtails is the leader. Discovered her marking her territory with dry erase marker on the carpet. Methinks decorative rug shopping is in the future.


emilymcd said...

OOOOOOhhhh noooooooo! First of all: hilarious writing.

Secondly: Grrrrrrrr.

Tell me you counted to 10 before you spoke to the "leader".

Kris said...

There was a long pause, a very long timeout, and a long breath before I could really talk to her. I actually was more worried about what Carey was going to say. Thought he might make me "walk the plank!"

trevsmom said...

Dry erase...does it stand true to its name even on a surface like carpet or has her masterpiece remained part of the carpet?

Kyra said...

Take me to your "leader"...classic! LMAO
Dar's girls recently marked up themselves..very colorful! The furniture was given a pardon for a moment!