Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Playdate that made me proud

Today we had a fabulous day with friends at my friend Emily's house. Let me preface this by saying that Emily bravely invited her four girlfriends, three of which have three children each. Add that to her one and one more, well, you can do the math, but it adds up to a bit of chaos. The kids played well together and Emily whipped up a fabulous lunch for all of us, from beautiful watermelon, perfectly grilled hotdogs and chicken, to the quitessential summer treat, Flavor-Ice!
Why I wanted to write about this playdate is that I am proud of my friends as moms. I know father's day is coming up, but indulge me. These moms are awesome. They not only multi-task, but they do it with care and a sense of fun. I am most proud of my friend, Emily. By her own admission, she began as a hesitant mother, but she is amazing. She not only has patience for her own child, but generously gives it to others. She is encouraging to those of us who stand amidst the chaos of our children, dazed and confused. She has come a long way, baby!
And so my life has become what I longed for since high school and college...a time where I have great friends who I can share with both the joys and the sorrows of motherhood and my life. I haven't had these types of relationships since then, and feel the Lord's blessing in spades!


Kris said...

Eek, spelled quintessential wrong. Oops.

emilymcd said...

That's very generous of you, Kris. Thanks. I don't know how to accept compliments very well so I'll just say thank you.

Being in small group really has made me see how to have great friendships in the midst of raising children. I never thought it was possible. ;) So thank you for starting small group with children invited in your home.