Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Josh: It's the summer of the snap...he just learned how and shows it to anyone who will watch!
Ellie: After her own dance rendition of "Farmer in the Dell"...she says,"Mom, you just loved it?!" (as a teacher I noted that she is generalizing her past tense verbs, as a mom...I loved it!)
Owen: Fine-tuning his ever developing eyesight, he was fascinated with a print shirt I had on yesterday, as evidenced by his furrowed brow and intent stare!
Carey: Making through a whole evening with all three kids, on his own...and it was bath night! Way to go, dear!
Kris: Hearing my kids sing along to a praise and worship song in the van. The voices of children lifted in praise brings amazing joy!

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Short Stop said...

I love this post! And, I agree...there's nothing like hearing them sing praise songs!! :)