Thursday, September 25, 2008

My own Milestone

We celebrate our kiddos milestones, so I figured my own such step should be noted.

I sold all my maternity clothes.


Now for my dear friends who are still longing and anticipating more little ones in their homes, do not take this post the wrong way.  And Mom, I know you think that as soon as I get rid of these clothes something will happen, but I am SO glad to get rid of those clothes.  

I actually really liked being pregnant.  There was instant attention and affection doled out wherever you went.  I felt good, ate well, and, for the most part, slept like a log.  I eagerly anticipated wearing maternity clothes to signal to all those who were wondering that "YES!  I am pregnant!"  It brought out stories from loved ones to strangers that told of each maladventure that afflicted them to sweet moments of first kicks to the pains of labor.

But now I'm glad to know that we're done.  Our Party is complete with the three blessings that run our halls and hearts.  A friend once told me that she knew she was done when she held someone else's baby and her didn't cry out for more.  I can totally understand.  It won't keep me from holding and swaying with those little ones; but, I know we're done.

It was odd as I sat and priced the various clothes items to send to the resale.  Different pieces held different memories.  Some I remember wearing and thinking, "I'll only be able to wear this a few times, whew, it's tight,"  or "Oh my goodness, I look like I'm wearing a tent."  I remember what I wore to the baby shower my church threw for us as we anticipated Josh's arrival.  I remembered buying items when I was pregnant with Owen, even through I knew this was the only pregnancy I'd wear them for.  There were even a few that I wished I had in "regular" clothes.  I could see how the styles had changed in the 7+ years between all the pregnancies...from big prints and big shirts to solids and skin tight.

I hope that someone finds good use for these gems.  I sent them to Josh's school resale and I have yet to hear how much actually sold or how much was left over and donated to the official resale store. Either way I suppose they will all go to someone who needs them.  

As with any milestone I seem to always hear a line from Mary Pop.pins go through my head.   It's right before they jump into the sidewalk chalk drawings of that goofy Bert fellow.  

"Now hold hands and ...JUMP!"  

I guess with this milestone I have plenty of hands to hold already.


emilymcd said...

Wow. That is a milestone, Kris. I think it's great. And even though I'm in the midst of accumulating pregnancy and baby stuff, I will be ready to sell our stuff and move on when the time comes.

Speaking of which, thanks for letting me borrow your exersaucer. Little babushka will really like it, I'm sure.

Buckeyemama said...

It is so fun to do those things that help us move on to the next stage. Enjoy this new phase of life.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

WOW! That is huge girlfriend! We can't wait for the day. (not in a mean way - clearly we love our kiddos, but in a way that knows it is the get it...) We know the next one will be it for us and so that will give a different feeling to the whole maybe I'll enjoy throwing up for 20 weeks...uh...doubt it ;)

Dave and Jenni said...

I gotta say, I was THRILLED to get rid of my maternity clothes. I was not a pretty or comfortable pregnant person (chronic back issues). We had prayed over the course of Lily's pregnancy as to whether she should be our last and God said "yes" so I happily donated them to friends in need. Having said that, though, each season has its fond memories so I'm sure it was a sweet trip for you down memory lane.