Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'Cause that's just how we roll

This weekend we spent oodles of time celebrating my dearest man, the Hubs.  He turned (an undisclosed amount of years), but let's just say that it'll be about 2 years before he's over the hill.  It was quite busy getting together with family all weekend, but apparently we here at the Party house like to party.  A lot.  Often.  All in one weekend.  

Of course, doing that kinda partyin' is just asking for something to go awry.  Fast forward to about 5 pm on Saturday.  The dear Hubs had dropped Josh off at a friend's bowling party and was on an errand to pick up a few essential dessert items I had forgotten to get for our next party on Sunday with my family.  I had the other two dear children at church with me for our dinner before Bible study.  

Enter calamity.  

Ellie had an accident in the church's bathroom  and I have no change of clothes for her.  Ugg.  I cry out for help in a quick call to the Hubs.  

Enter odd timing.  

The Hubs is at the local discount grocery store picking up whipped cream in a can, and a bottle of wine that caught his fancy.  So as he is checking out, I call, asking desperately for him to pick up some pants and underwear.  

Enter loud cell phone conversation.  

"So you need underwear?"  (said loudly on the phone, in front of the cashier)...

While checking out with whipped cream in a can. And a bottle of wine.

Underwear+whipped cream+wine= odd look from cashier.

'Cause that's just how we roll.


Sittintall said...

what did you say about "never a dull moment?" That is too funny.

emilymcd said...

Okay, I forgot to comment on this earlier... This story STILL cracks me up. Seriously. This is a story you need to remember the rest of your life to bring a smile to your face. Hilarious. Simply hilarious.

Picturing your hubs at the checkout line makes it all the funnier.