Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Right Now

Here's an idea I borrowed from Jenni...

Right Now, I am:

feeling... relieved that conferences, soccer and the Hubs' softball league are all finally done!

enjoying... the quiet of the house today. Kids are napping...ahh.

wondering... if we will ever be able to decide on a neighborhood to move to and if our house will ever be sold (when we put it on the market)

listening... the hum of the computer. It's that quiet!

drinking... nothing at the moment.

wanting... a girl's night out. I miss the book club that we've all gotten too busy to keep up with.

loving... that the holidays are approaching. I love spending time with our little family at home, but a crowd of family gets me going! Plans are being made, menus discussed, and the shopping has begun! I love it.

looking... out the window at a dreary day. Still thankful for a warm, dry home filled with a Hubs who loves me and children that will make me smile on this dingy day.

Ps. I love that we can pass ideas like this through the blogosphere. This past weekend we were lucky enough to meet Sarah and her boys (Jason included!). What fun! We laughed, shared a great meal made by Emily and fell into the comfort of fellowship with friends.


Beth said...

I miss our book club too. I am up for a night out, just say when. I too will be glad when tonight is over (if the guys even play tonight) and all this softball craziness is over for a few months! This entry really calmed me. All is quiet at my house right now too!

Buckeyemama said...

Wow, I love this blog. It's sometimes just nice to know the basics of what you are doing right at that moment. Makes me feel like I'm right there! Can't wait to have you all here in a couple of weeks!

Dave and Jenni said...

What fun that you all got to meet - I heard that you had a great time together!

Short Stop said...

I am SO glad that I FINALLY got to meet you and Carey and your sweet kids. It's funny how we've traveled on this bloggy road together - meeting so early on through Emily and now getting to spend an evening full of laughter together.

You are just as fun-loving and witty in person as you come across here on your blog. It was SO much fun. We'll have to meet up again next time you're here, or we head over that way! :)