Monday, April 27, 2009

The little Train that could...look any more less like a train

In an effort to document my follies as an over-eager cake maker...

Note the engine of the train. If you look closely you can see how it is starting to separate. Apparently gravity works and toothpicks were not doing their job.

Here the birthday boy is getting instructions from Dad about how to blow out the candles. His eager face is what I'll remember, not the slouch of the cake or the fact that jelly beans DO NOT taste good on cakes.

The first candle gave him some trouble, but....

He succeeded!!
(Here the slouchy engine can be seen actually
being supported by the train car behind it.)

My eagerness to make fun cakes for my kids matched with a slight competition between some more crafty sister-in-laws makes for good memories, eh?

Happy Birthday, Owen!!

Just don't get into Star.Wars or anything too complicated by next year, ok?? Not sure the Millennium Falcon is on my list of "can-do" cakes!!


Sittintall said...

I think the train looks great!! You did an excellent job. And Owen looks more than pleased. I hope he had a wonderful birthday.

emilymcd said...

Great job, Kris! You're so great at celebrating life! WHOOHOOO!!

batavian babe said...

Super looking cake!. Wouldn't have noticed the leaning engine! Yeah Owen, you're TWO! Happy Birthday, little Owie!

Dave and Jenni said...

The only thing he'll remember is how loved he felt. And the cake looked absolutely delicious!