Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Owen

My little guy is three.

He has many-a-nickname...

  • Mr. 3 (being child #3 and now age 3, this has many applications)
  • Dude (as in, "Dude, WHAT are you doing? Promptly followed by, "I unknow?")
  • Little Man
  • Owie (a cousin favorite)
  • Eyebrows (just ask him to show you his eyebrows...he's like a trick pony with this one)
  • Captain Awesome (aptly named because of his overuse of this word...often said after he's hurtled through space with his tongue out, striking some funky pose, crashing into the ground)
  • The boy who will bring us to the emergency room someday. (this week's bloody nose is just a small indication, methinks)

Whatever we call him, one thing is for sure. This boys brings us all pure joy. From birth this little guy has had the same amazing attitude: tackle life without reservations, add a smile and all will be well.

I love it, envy it and occasionally try to reign it in when it seems it might get the best of him. He'll learn some things the hard way, like his sister and he'll charm his way through the rest, like his brother.

I can't wait to see what this next year will bring.

I love ya, buddy.

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