Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top Ten of 2008

Inspired by my sister-in-law here are my top ten events of 2008:

10. We began the year by doing some heavy soul-searching about schools for the kids. And oddly enough, we feel called to send our kids to private Christian schools. This has become one of the biggest leaps of faith we have encountered as a family, especially with times the way they are nowadays. But in this we've found God's glory being sung by seeing Josh blossom in his own faith, as young as he is.

9. We survived several small illnesses this year (pink eye, stomach bugs, colds colds and more colds). But what I find amazing is that usually it's an isolated event and it isn't passed on through the family. See, my maniacal hand washing is working!

8. It's hard to imagine it now, but Owen began walking early this year and just like most kids, he hasn't stopped since. My, how fast it goes.

7. We had a great trip to Atlanta this year around Easter time. Although it was for a sad reason, with the passing of the Hub's grandfather, it turned into this amazing time with family we don't see very often. The Aquarium was a huge hit with all of us and so was a trip up Stone Mountain.

6. When spring came we couldn't wait to get outside again. Owen discovered he was a big fan of the Bronco Rider and I didn't mind tagging along for the ride.

5. Owen turned one in April with much hoopla (naahh, not really, third child syndrome). He has been such a blessing to our family and it was wonderful to celebrate his big day with family.

4. Summer brought several things: T-ball, an attempt at gardening, afternoons in the sprinkler, trips to the park, and some great vacations.

3. We were blessed to have weeklong vacations with both sides of our family this year. A loooong (not a typo) trip to the Outer Banks was an amazing time at the beach. The weather was really wonderful and even the storm we had was a thing to behold. The second trip to a cozy cottage with the Hub's side was equally as fun. I found myself easily slipping into a routine of yummy breakfasts, lazy splashing in the lake, comfortable conversation and delicious dinners followed by movies and games. Ahhh.

2. School started this year with Josh going into first grade at a new school and Ellie in her first year at preschool. Both kids have jumped right into the school routine with eager anticipation. My teacher hearts sighs with happiness.

1. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a ton of things from big to small (like a terrific Thanksgiving, to giggly family nights), but looking at this year I see how blessed we are to have healthy, happy children, a marriage that is strong through the rough places, and a Savior that promises the "Peace that passes all understanding." With the plan to move our family one more time in this coming year I felt many emotions, but every time the still small voice of my Lord reminds me that He is in control and His plan is far greater than any that I have imagined.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Dave and Jenni said...

What a great list. So are you moving in town or relocating altogether? Hope your 2009 is off to a good start!