Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Score one for old-fashioned fun

Awhile ago a dear old lady from our church gave us her piano.  She was moving into a nursing home and had no space for it.  We still haven't tuned it, but it certainly provides a general sound for our little family chorus.  

Today, Ellie was on the computer with Owen at her new favorite website (which I also love, it's from the guys who brought us singing vegetables).  I sat down on the piano and found a wonderful rockin' song called "Soon and Very Soon."  I was singing my little heart out (as only a crazy woman would, knowing no one could actually hear her, or at least anyone who knows what sounds good).

And around the corner peeked Ellie.  Her smile said it all.  These rockin' tunes telling of how we are only here for a little while while we wait for our King to come drew her away from the computer and into the dining room where she joined me for several verses (a few made up ones, too).  

Score one for old-fashioned toys.  And music that speaks to the soul.

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Dave and Jenni said...

What a great story, Kris! Those are the memories that will stay with your kids for many years to come.