Friday, April 18, 2008

Music has arrived

The piano is here! It arrived with little drama and has subtly become a part of our home. We moved it ourselves, well, the Hubs and several strong family members and neighbors moved it. I was in charge of, "It goes there." (hehe)

The following Monday my mom came to watch the kids while I went to work and she brought tons of my old sheet music and piano books. It was a whoosh of memories. Piano lessons, practicing, singing along to some funky 80's songs, (Mike and the Mechanics, anyone?), and even my little side trips to the Hubs house after practice. He lived only a block or so away from my piano teacher at the time. I'd leave my lesson and stop by to see him for a little while. It was when we were first dating.

I remember practicing at home and singing along, my teenage dreams of becoming a singer, or a least a piano player for church services, building with every crescendo. I remember sitting at the piano, playing and thinking that I was all alone in the house. I could sing, practice and I forgot that there were other people around. (much to my brothers' disdain.)

As soon as my mom and I had gone through the books, she said, "Well, go play something." I sat down and pulled out a few easy church songs. Ahhh. I smiled from the inside, out. Hearing music flow through our house makes it even more of a home. The piano does need tuning, of course, but that hasn't stopped me or the kids from belting out some tunes, albeit, off key. I hope that our kids can make some memories on this piano. It already has created some for me.

Oh, Ps. Some cute things about the lady who gave us the piano. When the Hubs went to pick it up, she also gave him the little vase and wooden tulips that are sitting on the piano. She wanted them to be for the three kids. She is Dutch and apparently, this piano will always be, too. (note the tulip in the middle of the music stand). She also called me again, later, to let me know she had a lamp for the piano. She's bringing it to church on Sunday. I hope she knows what a generous gift this is to our family.


Short Stop said...

That is just awesome! It looks like it just belongs there on that wall. Wishing you hours and hours and hours of music-filled enjoyment!

Have a great weekend!

Sittintall said...

It does look great! Have lots of fun creating new memories with that one!

streetwise said...

Kris, Mrs. Brown would be so proud! I'm so excited for the music you will make...the piano looks great and I hope you enjoy it!

Dave and Jenni said...

Living in what can widely be considered Dutch America, that PS totally made me laugh. What a great gift to your family!