Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You know you're on a tight budget when...

...You're at Tar.get, staring at the und.ies, waffling over a more comfortable 3-pack or the super value 6-pack, same price. (Quality v. quantity...hmmm...)

...Your Hubs buys bread at, good deal for 2 loaves...except it tastes like cardboard. And yet, you know I'm still eating every last slice. Including the ends.

...I needed to bring a paper plate for each of my students to school from home. So I brought exactly 25 plates. No room for mistakes, my friends. Oh, and took home the two extras from students who were not there.

...For a recent tire repair, I think I asked the poor man three times if the repair would be free.

...Ten dollar sunglasses break, so I purchase a cheaper six dollar pair. comes through again with the jumbo pack of Bounce dryer sheets. 246. One package. And yet, you know I'm still tearing those buggers in half.

All hail the tiny budget and the lady who loves her.


Dave and Jenni said...

You know what, though, about the sunglasses...sometimes the cheaper the pair, the longer they last. I have $10 Tar.get sunglasses that I've had for 3 years now, even though they've been sat on and dropped and all manner of abuse heaped on them.

Good for you, though, for staying on a budget - I think more people need them considering how much in debt people are these days over things that don't matter.

Beth said...

We're right there with you girl! Hopefully the tightness won't last forever!