Thursday, April 03, 2008

Georgia Aquarium

Recently we had the opportunity (through a very generous gift from the Hubs' aunt and cousin) to visit the Georgia Aquarium. It is said to be the largest in the world! We definitely were impressed and had a terrific time. Our only regret was that we didn't bring Owen along. He's at that stage where he points at everything he finds interesting and there's a lot of grunting and "ooo's". But still, we spent time just gazing at the many colorful kinds of fish and animals that that call water their home. Here are some of our favorites...

There was a glass tunnel that you could walk through as you looked at all of the sea life swimming around you. Ellie and her cousin Kyra posed for a shot along one side. It was amazing to feel just a bit more a part of the ocean as stingrays, sharks, and other sea life made their path through the water around us!

These sea lions were hilarious. It was a beautiful day and we're pretty sure they were dueling over the one sunny spot on this rock. I would, too!

These Japenese crabs were HUGE! And an easy favorite for a lot of us!

The grouper wins for most hilarious fish face. At one point in our tour there was this huge wall of glass that you could just sit down in front of and spend some time watching the fish. The grouper kept just "hanging out" in front of where we had plunked down. It was as if they were saying.."Don't watch those other guys...we're the most handsome ones here!"

The kids got a kick out of the touch pool. It housed stingrays, and some small sharks. Unfortunately, the pool's depth and some timid kidoos made it hard for many to actually reach and touch them.

Cousin Katie was fascinated! So many colors, so much movement! I loved watching the kids, watching the fish!

This was a great stop along the way, too. Lots of very colorful fish were traveling along this reef. Josh and I saw one fish "yawn" looked like it had fangs!

Here's a shot of that tank from a bit farther back. It's so neat to have fish swimming above you!

Even if it's one of these!


andrea said...

whoa!! So cool!

Sittintall said...

It really was a great time!

Dave and Jenni said...

Loved the pics - looks like something the kids would really get into!