Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Josh: Do you think we can go to a cabbage again this summer? Like the one we went to with GPW last year?
Me: Cabbage?
(note to self...cabin + cottage = cabbage, not just an average vegetable anymore)

Rhyme time with Ellie:
Ellie: Shoes...BOOZE!
(just a little FYI, she meant it as "boo-boos", seriously...)

Ellie and the Hubs were spending some quality time last weekend perusing the pictures in a Little Mermaid piano book I have, and had a conversation that went something like this...

Ellie: I want to be a princess and dance with a prince.
Hubs: I could dance with you.
Ellie: NO, you're not the right size.
(Hubs stifles a giggle..guys giggle, right?...and pursues an appropriate-sized options for his dear girl)
Hubs: Maybe, Josh?
Ellie: Ok, but Owen will have to go with Katie (cousin).


Sittintall said...

Those were GREAT! I love the cabbage one. I am ready to go to the cabbage too. And Katie would gladly dance with Owen. I think she's approximately the right size.

Dave and Jenni said...

Those are awesome stories! That's funny that she has to find the right sized prince!