Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cold Tangerines Book Review

Recently, Short Stop gave out a generous chance for some fellow bloggers to read a book she had read and give a review. I was lucky enough to be a part of it. Thanks, Sarah!

I liked the book. I felt like there was quite a roller coaster of emotions throughout the book, and I was swept up in it, with my arms up, yelling and screaming all the way. I liked the style in which she wrote, too. I often caught myself saying...if I had the time...that's how I could write. She seemed to be saying things straight from her heart and I liked that. I enjoyed how it read like a blog, with short, focused passages about looking for God in all places and experiences. Her attitude about loving life and filling her days with happier thoughts is one that certainly appeals to me. She seems to have overcome a lot and her stories make you see that God heals all wounds, if we let him. I connected the most with her stories about jealousy. The mommy world is one that opens that door to comparisons so easily. When I see someone else who seems to have it all, know it all, have well-behaved children, money, time or the spiritual walk of a saint, I feel pretty small in comparison. I needed the reminder that we all have our own gifts and God loves us just the way we are.

Thanks Sarah for giving us the chance to read and review this great book!

Check out her sidebar to see others who have reviewed this book as well! There are so many great bloggers out there...we could all write a book!


Dave and Jenni said...

I totally felt the same way about the whole writing thing. If only I had the time. And the guts. And the subject matter. :)

Sittintall said...

Great review. I have 15 more pages to go, and then I'll write my review. Totally insinct with your thoughts on jealousy though. That's a hard one to conquer.

Short Stop said...


I, too, really loved her writing style. And was very swept up in it from the beginning!

Thank you for sharing your review!!