Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Break Musings

Well, our Spring Break days are coming to a quiet close. The kids are in bed and hopefully will be ready to go tomorrow! It's back to school for Josh and me, and I'm not sure I want to go back! After coming off our pseudo-vacation in Georgia, it felt indulgent to have this whole week to "play" some more. I, of course, had a few lists of things I wanted to do, and then we had a meeting and my list went out the window. We did many kid-focused activities all week. We had two days at home, but those still were filled with games, times outdoors and even a craft project. (check out these cute sock puppets!)

Looking back there were so many things I could have done for myself. Planning, time spent surfing the web, blogging, etc. But in the end I was so glad to have that quality and quantity time with the kids. I recently was at at shower where a friend of mine read a devotional about working moms and the struggle we face to get that kind of time with our kids. Because of all this time off I got to see my little baby start walking. It just happened one day. And he is on the go all the time now. No hand holding for this little guy. The day we found out about the Hubs' grandpa, Owen started walking. His grandma was here and witnessed his first real steps. I got home from work, sat down and looked at Owen parked in the middle of the room. He stood up from where he was, and started taking steps toward me! So I was there. I didn't miss it. In fact, I haven't missed much in the last two weeks. That has its good parts and bad parts, but still, I was there.

We had a great day at my brother's house one day. It was a great spring day and we spent a lot of time outside, shooting baskets and riding scooters. The kids now have a new phrase from their Uncle...."Book it!" It means to make the basket. I guess I learned something, too! Owen got in the action, too and seems to really love being outside. I'm picturing many skinned knees this summer. Badges of honor, to be sure, but lots of skinned knees and hands. Although as you can see in the pictures, I think he enjoyed watching the fish in my brother's fish tank the most!

We ended our week at a local children's museum and had a blast with some friends. I forgot my camera (hello, momma brain!), so I have no cool pictures of the kids exploring this really great place.

All in all, I guess I wouldn't change a thing. It gets me excited for summer (only a couple of months away!!) and all the things we can do then. I should start that list now, too. Hehe.


Sittintall said...

Those puppets look great! Glad you had a great week.

Dave and Jenni said...

Looks like a fun week - I like the sock puppet idea. It's one of those things that would be so easy and yet, I never think about it. Hope today goes smoothly for you!

Short Stop said...

Loving the sock puppets! This post made me excited for summer, too...I love family time and just being outside! :)