Friday, October 05, 2007

Enjoying Ellie

I have really enjoyed being with my little Ellie lately.

Don't get me wrong...

I have relished Josh's stories about school, soccer and new adventures like Children's Church (Josh is learning Spanish at school, and enjoys teasing us that he plays "football" instead of saying he plays "soccer."

And Owen is about the most adorable guy you'll ever meet and his smile is extremely contagious. (Today, after reading Ellie a story before nap time, Owen was resting on the bed on his belly. I laid my head next to him and said, *sigh* "Maybe we should all just take a nap here." He slowly popped his little head up with a similar sigh that made me think he agreed.)

But there is just something about spending time with Ellie lately. She can be so animated and lively. I guess sometimes I want to just be around her to absorb some of her spunk by osmosis. We've also been working on her ABC's and I think a little light bulb went on in her head yesterday. It was so exciting to see her going on a "letter hunt" and actually naming the letters she found. Up until now it's been a bunch of "I don't know" when I ask her about what letter I've pointed to.

We've been playing a lot of games during Owen's naps when we are home together. She loves pointing out the "structions" to me, just in case I'm not sure how to play. (pretty sure she makes up her own rules along the way)

We've also just been talking more. I remember when I was home with Josh those first summers when it was just him, or when we would go to the grocery store on our way home from work/school, we would talk about anything and everything...reminiscing about our days and previous happenings, discussing what we saw and whatever was on our minds. I noticed I wasn't doing that as much with Ellie (probably just enjoying a silent moment every now and then!) so I decided to be more purposeful in our time. I've also noticed since I've begun this, she is more amiable, cooperative and easy-going. Maybe because she is getting some good quality time?? I know that I don't always give the quantity of time that I might like, but I do see that even short quality times are making a big difference in our relationship.

I'm reading a book called Confident Parenting by Jim Burns. I'm only a chapter or so into it, but one of the first things I've picked up on is that parents need to have a purpose as they parent their children. Making a list of things that you want for your children, who you aspire them to be, is a great start to being purposeful in your parenting. It seemed pretty obvious after I thought about it. We make lists and set goals for just about every other important thing we do. So I'm looking forward to reading more in this book and making that list.

Now I just need to find a few extra hours in the day to read it, talk with the Hubs about it (he's reading it, too) and make that list. Hmmm...


Mary@notbefore7 said...

First, I love a good book title - thanks! I am in the midst of "Dont make me count to 3" and loving it" So maybe I'll do this one next.

This was so sweet! And yes, just because you are enjoying one kid in a special way, doesn't mean you love the others one any less! Eric and I were just discussing how much we are enjoying K right now in the season of life. She is such a special gal.

Thanks for sharing. She sounds so sweet. Wish they could all play together.

Sittintall said...

Wow, how great it is that you are reading such a book and looking for that purpose in raising your children. Good to have a goal in mind in the back of your head as you go through the daily routine. You are such a great mom!

Short Stop said...

I'm sure Ellie is loving the time wtih you as much as you're enjoying it with her! I have been having so much fun just talking to Jack lately. It's great being able to have real conversations about things...scary that he's growing up so fast, though!

The book sounds interesting. I'll have to go read more about it!

emilymcd said...

It's neat to read your blog, Kris. Ellie is a mystery to me. She's a quiet and confident young lady at church. I joke that she's got a good poker face, but she easily smiles as well.

Laughing... I like best how she looks like a mini version of you. I've GOT to see your baby pictures.