Friday, October 19, 2007

I Love CVS!

This is quickly becoming my favorite place to get those steals-of-a-deals that get my heart racing and my fingers dialing my equally frugal sister-in-law! This week, they had formula on sale for at least 3 dollars less than I normally pay. They also had some wipes that I needed. I decided to go there and stock up on these items because I knew I wouldn't be headed to my other favorite place, Costco, for a while. I had a $7 expired coupon for the formula which I was hoping they would take. But, I thought even if they don't I'm still paying $3 less than normal. I paid for the wipes separately so I could see what my quarterly earnings were from earlier purchases. I didn't have much (50 cents), but the bonus was that they printed out a $4 baby care coupon with that purchase. So, in the end I bought the wipes (on sale, with a coupon), and then, bought the formula (on sale, with my expired coupon, my quarter earnings, and the new coupon) for HALF PRICE! It was all I could do not to just run out of the store and begin the happy dance. (which is a sight to see...not recommended for children under 3, hehe). I actually felt like I was getting away with something naughty! Apparently this kind of thing happens all the time to my sister-in-law and we often regale in the glory of the deal. Honestly, I think they are actually paying HER to shop there. Although I am not up to par with her, I am so glad to have another frugal friend to share in the joys of one of my favorite games...the deal hunt.


trevsmom said...

Glad this brings you so much joy too! I told CVS yesterday that I felt like I was stealing. They assured me that I was okay! It is true it makes my heart race too...too funny! Good ole thrifty shoppers! Bring it on bargins!

emilymcd said...

Wow... I need to check out CVS more often! That's great! What a cool story!