Sunday, October 21, 2007


Ellie: AHH! There's wind in my pants!
Me: That's ok, honey, it's just a windy day.
Ellie: NO! I don't want windy pants.
(Note to self: wind in the pants=fashion faux pas)

Ellie is jumping on the tile, doing some ballet-type move and hurts her toe. She begins to whimper. Owen is on the floor, looks up at her and starts to do his version of a laugh.
Ellie: Owen! It's NOT funny!

Me: Hey Josh what are you guys doing in the basement?
Josh: Oh, Daddy's doing shots!
(just FYI - the Hubs was not imbibing on a smallish type drink, but practicing his archery shot for an upcoming hunting weekend)

I've found I have more quotes from Ellie lately, only because she is around more. With Josh being at school all day, I'm missing out on his daily thoughts. *sigh* Although, even if I did have some to share, I don't remember most of them...maybe it's because of this.

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emilymcd said...

haha... Wind in her pants? Ellie has the best sayings.

And that little bugger Owen was my week's beam of joy on Saturday night. Bible Study would have been less animated without his roley poley self all over the floor. We loved it!