Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Owen Update: 6 months

Although our little guy is almost 6 1/2 months, here's his latest and greatest.

This guy is on the move! Yep, almost crawling, mostly just dragging his cubby little self across the floor toward fun playthings and other items he shouldn't have! We're just hoping that he's a "normal" crawler. Our other two found funky ways of crawling and the hope is that we didn't pass on some kind of defective crawling gene to all our little ones!

He's eating solid foods now! Let the mess begin! In one fell swoop this guy has quickly adjusted to veggies and fruits with his cereal and bottles. He still horks (my new favorite word) it down like there's no tomorrow, so no worries on if this one is healthy or not!

Owen is at that stage where he realizes that the sounds he makes get attention from the taller folk in the room. His grunts/whines/yanking can be quite the attention-getter, and he knows it! His charm is still quite powerful, and I often find myself just making him smile, because it's contagious!

My favorite thing that Owen does is playing with his hair. I remember when Josh was a baby and I would rock him to sleep on my shoulder. He would gently play with the hair on base of my neck. It was so sweet I'm pretty sure I held him longer than I needed to more than a few times. So now this little guy has found that he has hair on his head. He reaches to the crown of his head while he's nursing and just opens and closes his hands on the tufts of baby hair fuzz he's grown. It's adorable. Pretty sure he has no idea that the hair he's playing with belongs to him, but hey...baby steps. (eek, is that next?)


trevsmom said...

Oh Kris, he is so adorable and yes at first glance I thought he resembled Trev. I am so looking forward to seeing his "crawl".

emilymcd said...

He's 6 months already? Yikes. Where have I been?

This age is my favorite baby age. It's the "Baby Gap" age I always say.

I like how he plays with his hair. That's a cute story.

Sittintall said...

What a great picture! I saw you take those, but didn't know he had such a cute facial expression. And I don't care what Carey says about the hat, he's such a cute little man.

Short Stop said...

Love this picture, K! He's just adorable.

He's getting so big!