Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grilled Cheese Legacy

One of Ellie's favorite lunches is grilled cheese. I'm sure she could eat it everyday if allowed. We pretty routinely have it on Thursdays when I am finally home at lunchtime after working the first half of the week. It happens to be one of my favorite lunches as well, and I love sitting at the table with her, munching on our sandwiches and dishing about all our day's news. It's precious time and I cherish it.

I realized that I inherited this love of the grilled cheese sandwich. My mom was here this week watching the kids while I was working. I asked Ellie what they had for lunch and she squealed, "Grilled cheese!" I had a flash of the "old" days in the summer or weekends where mom would whip up a grilled cheese delight for my brothers and I to eat with chips and some fruit. Somehow this warm sandwich was a special treat and we all waited anxiously for ours to come out of the pan piping hot, ready for gobblin'. We even got a bit creative after awhile and added ham, salami or turkey to our already lovely lunch favorite. There was a lot of love in those sandwiches.

My mom is an amazing woman. I know we all have learned things from our moms, some we appreciate, some we don't. In light of some recent family discussions, I've been reflecting on what my mom has taught me, and more importantly, what I learned. Some lessons were obvious, others were subtle and some might have even been accidental. I think what I began to take away from my thoughts about families and legacies is that there are only a few very important things we can teach our kids. Grilled cheese itself may not be the top one, but the daily care with food and drink relays to our children how much we love them.

So as you meal plan, pre-cook and cook those precious meals, know that all the work is noticed, maybe not initially, but it will be someday. The time you have spent and will spend is precious time and your family will cherish it.

Now, tomorrow is Thursday, can you guess what we are having for lunch?

Love and grilled cheese.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh Oh...I can't keep up with your posts, but they are great. I really liked this one. It is a great reminder that we are serving up love with that food. That is the best part of mealtime!

Sittintall said...

Hey, that's what our kids had for lunch today too. Although, I bought 8 grain bread that they won't eat, so grilled cheese is the only way I can disguise the bread.